John F. Bruno to Richard Yates


John F. Bruno to Richard Yates


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Guard House, Camp Butler Febr 19

Your Excelland will excuse me in molest[e?] you with my writting I enlisted the 25th of May 1861 in the 14th [illegible] get a [illegible] [illegible] the 19th Art. 61. improved my health and enlisted Jan 1862 in the [26 Beg.y. Q.?] The 14th and 46th [illegible] (B) Brigade and now I was healed I belonged to the 14th yet. I told (maj) the officers of the 14th they hord to have a [discharge?] made out for me by the 46th with full pay, but it [illegible] seemed to me I had [illegible] to run from one Regim. to the other, like a moron without sense. I get sick again though that my officer and [comrades?] were [illegible] to me I was not able to stand it when to me men in [illegible] not by fa[?] and no[?] lie. I begged the officers of the 46th for a dissh [illegible] of wheat, insofar as other Bey[?] of the [illegible] my possesion too all to spoil [illegible] yet brang hit [illegible] to [illegible], [illegible] would [illegible]. I arived in Beardsto 11 May [illegible] fineely[?] a [illegible] Officer Hayes arrestsed me. The 2nd day I was there, brang hit in jail, they told [?] go baph, I told them I want to be brang to baph[?] and court martialt, they give me free by paying my expenses for board in jail and after 18th month they arrested me again.

Excellend I am [illegible] the 2nd Febr [illegible] of clothing without a blanket, depend on the good natur off my fellow prisoners [illegible] from [illegible] get [illegible] the [illegible] the 46th Reg.[?] about my conduct, but I rather [illegible] in the [illegible] of the [illegible] than to be imprisoned this way. In hope your Excellend [illegible] and let go Pardon and Right together. Respectfully [illegible] Bruno John.

John F. Bruno Guard House Camp Butler Feby 19 1864 He has been arrested and placed in Guard House has had no change of clothing for several months. Wishes to be released, is a member of 26 Regt

/R/ Abstract defective Read carefully & take proper course (I have not read) Executive Office Feby 27 64



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