T. P. Robb to Richard Yates


T. P. Robb to Richard Yates


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Springfield Jany 1865 Hon Richard Yates Dear Sir Agreeable to your great kindness in offering to promote my personal interest, and your request that I should state what position in the gift of government would suit me best, I beg lease to state that the position of United States Marshal of Either of the States of Georgia, Alabama or Texas would suit me. Alabama however, would be pre- fered. I mention three States from the fact, that no appointments have been maid in either. I feel myself fitted for the position, and have recom- mendation of a high charactor from the Army, and from my home, (Chicago) where I have been Known for twenty five years. If impossible to obtain the position of U.S. Marshal,I would like that of [Direct] Tax Commissioner in either of the above States, well knowing that neither of the above positions can be obtained without a personal interview with the President or Mr. Fassonden, I have thought if I failed in the first, I might succeed in the latter. If the President is not preposed to make appointments in these States at this time, the appointment might be secured for some future time, when the states are in condition to [illegible] Federal rule. Be assured Govenor, that no act of mine shall ever cause you to regret the interest you may take in my appointment, but which, will cause me and mine, to remember you with deep gratitude while life lasts. Sincerely Yours, T.P. Robb

I would like a Permit and Safe conduct that will enable me to purchas Cotton, within or without the lines of actual occupation (and if without, to bring same within the lines) and ship the same to New York, or elsewhere without the line for sale, and without the intervention of the Govt purchasing Agent, and of course following that, without being obliged to sell to the Govt, and also without the intervention of any other Govt Office, Civil or Military. The regular revenue tax I should expect to pay. If in addition, the permit will allow me to pay 1/3 or 1/2 in Supplies-not contraband, I would like it better. It must be a permit that all officers Civil and Military, will respect, and not such that they can readly evade by being allowed under it, on the plea of military necessity, etc, etc, to with- hold the necessary facilities, papers, etc. This would be particuller- ly necessary, in case the cotton is outside the lines of actual occu- pation. Permits of the charactor alluded to above, at any rate similar in purpost, have been granted, I am informed, and that lately. Obtain if possible a Permit to purchas ten thousand (10,000) Bales Cotton as above

Robb Col. T.P. Springfield Jany 6 In reference to getting a permit to trade in Southern States



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