A. H. Hoge to Richard Yates


A. H. Hoge to Richard Yates


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Chicago Jan 26th, 1865

Hon Richard Yates

Dear Sir,

I regret deeply that you passed through our city so rapidly that I had not the opportunity of seeing you. I hold in my hands, six letters of request for the promotion of my son Col. George B. Hoge to a Brigadiership. These letters are from Gen A. L. Chitlain, his superior officer to the President, whose friend he is - from Col. Turner 108th Ill. Inf. to Hon. E. C. Ingersoll, from Lieut Col. Lackland 108th Ill. Inf. to Hon. E. C. Ingersoll; from Lieut Col. George Clark 113th. Ill. Inf. to Hon. I. N. Arnold; from Spencer Floyd, Lieut Col. 120th. Ill. to Hon. James H. Lane; from Capt. J. Woodruff 113th Ill. to his cousin Joel Gurley, Wash. City.

These letters are written by men who have been in his Brigade & know him well & are written to the personal friends of the writers, and avowed friends of my son.----

I will briefly enumerate the claims they advance. My son's long & arduous service from the beginning of the war always being on duty, unless disabled by sickness or wounds & his having made great business sacrifices to enter the service, his good moral character, his skill & bravery as an officer, his four severe wounds, two nearly fatal, his steady & faithful support of the Administration, his successful efforts to bring his Regiment up to vote, thereby securing the election of Kuykendall, the highly ammendatory report of Gen. R. B. Marcy, Inspector Gen U.S.A of First Brig - Dist. Memphis, commanded by my son - he having been acting Brig - almost, if not quite 18 months. I have good reasons to believe that Gen. Farnsworth, Hon. E. B. Washburn, Senater Trumbull, Hon Jesse [Morten ?] & John Wilson 3rd Auditor would act with you, in a request for his promotion. I feel entirely sure, if you will give it some personal attention, the matter will be secured. By so doing, you will lay me if possible ----

under stronger personal obligations than before should you be willing to use your influence in my son's favor & will telegraph me to my P. O. box 947 Chicago. I will forward to you at once the letters by mail. I am not willing to trouble you with them, without your permission.

Our approaching Fair increases in magnificent proportions daily. Our prominent business & professional men manifest more zeal & appear willing to give the great & holy cause as much time as they give to their own private interests. The country is becoming thoroughly aroused & will be systematically organized. This great Northwestern Fair will undoubtedly do honor to the noble states you have so long & so nobly represented as our Ex Governor & honorable Senator. We are proud to number you among our Vice Presidents.

I hope to be in Wash. about the middle of Feb. on business connected with this Fair which we hope will be the closing of the magnificent series of Jan. Fairs, originated by the women of the prairies. It would be a joyful welcome to me if I could find my son's well earned promotion secured. Your former goodness & my faith in you must be my apology for this intrusion.

Your sincere friend

Mr. A. H. Hoge ----

Mrs. A. H. Hoge Chicago Ills. Jan 26 '65

Earnestly solicits assistance to secure promotion of her - Col. Hoge of 113 Ills. Vols. to Brig. Genl. Vols.

Answered from Wash Mar 11 '65 - No vacancies will remember & urge his claims when possible to do so effectually.





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