We Are Coming Father Abraham, Six Hundred Thousand More


We Are Coming Father Abraham, Six Hundred Thousand More


Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Baker, B. F.
Sheet music
American Civil War (1861-1865)
War--Songs and music


Song honoring Abraham Lincoln's call for more Union soldiers. The cover, which depicts Union cavalry, is entitled "Our National War Songs" and contains an index of American martial music.


Baker, B. F.


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum




S. Brainard's Sons


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum holds all rights and permissions.








Cleveland and Chicago


Our National War Songs

[All Pieces marked with a Star have Choruses]

A Tear for the Comrade that's Gone. (Quartet) Murray 40

America. (Solo and Quartet, Newly Arranged) 25

  • Babylon is Fallen Work 35
  • Battle Cry of Freedom Root 35

Brave Battery Boys (Quartet) Bliss 35

  • Brother Tell Me of the Battle Root 35
  • Bury the Brave Where They Fall Frisbee 40
  • Can the Soldier Forget Root 35
  • Charge Bayonets Dressler 35

Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean Coe 40

  • Columbia's Call Root 35
  • Columbia's Guardian Angels Work 35
  • Coming Home from the Old Camp Ground Rogers 35

Come You from the Battle-Field (Duet & Chorus) Root 35

  • Comrades, Hasten to the Battle Root 35
  • Corporal Schnapps Work 35

Cover them Over (Decoration Quartet) Ormsby 40

  • De Day ob Liberty's Comin' Root 35

Ensign of Glory, (Quartet and Chorus) Heyer 35

  • Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian Root 35
  • Father Abraham's Reply to the 600,000 Root 35
  • First Gun is Fired Root 35

Flag of the Bold and Free, (Male Quartet) Rogers 40

Foes and Friends Root 35

Follow the Drum Covert 35

Forward, Boys, Forward, (Male Quartet) Root 25

  • Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Coe 40

God Bless Our Brave Young Volunteers Root 35

God Bless Our Brave Young Volunteers, (Q't) Root 25

God Save the Nation, (Quartet) Work 25

God Save the Nation, (Mixed Quartet) Work 25

  • Grant a Nation's Hero Rogers 35
  • Good-Bye Old Glory Root 35
  • Grandly the Loyal Hosts are Marching Root 35
  • Grafted into the Army Work 35

Grand Union Medley Bruen 60

  • Haste on the Battle Root 35
  • Hail Columbia Bruen 35

Have Ye Sharpened Your Swords? (Quartet) Root 25

  • Hero of the Wilderness Kimball 85
  • Hold the Fort Bliss 40
  • Honor to Sheridan Root 5
  • Ho! Rally, Ye Braves Baldwin 35

How it Marches, the Flag of Our Union (Quartet) Root 35

  • John Brown Song 25
  • Just After the Battle Root 35
  • Just Before the Battle, Mother Root 35
  • Kingdom Coming Work 35
  • Lay Me Down and Save the Flag Root 35

Lay His Sword by His Side Kieffer 35

Liberty Bird, (Quartet) Root 35

  • Little Major Work 35
  • Low in the Dust of the Valley He Sleeps Root 35
  • Marching Through Georgia, (500,000 sold) Work 40
  • Mother, is the Battle Over? A.C.M 35

North and South, (Duet) Root 60

Our Heroes, (Quartet) Harker 25

On, Boys, On Root 35

On Guard Burnap 50

  • Oh, Wrap the Flag Around Me, Boys Taylor 35
  • On, On, On the Boys Came Marching Root 85

Our Flag (Male Quartet) Coe 40

  • Our Flag and the Union Forever Ickes 35

Our Captain's Last Words Work 35

  • Our Comrade Has Fallen Brewster 25
  • Our Last Grand Camping Ground Work 35

Our Company's Starry Flag Comer 35

  • Rally, Boys, Rally Blackman 35
  • Red, White and Blue Coe 40

Requiem for a Hero Capen 35

Rest, Comrades, Rest Ormsby 25

Rest, Spirit, Rest, (Male Quartet) Rooke 40

Rock of Liberty, (Mixed Quartet) Clark 40

Sleep, Sacred Dust of the Noble Dead (D'c'n Q't) Murray 25

  • Sleeping for the Flag Work 35
  • Sleeping in the Battle-Field Redin 35
  • Stars and Stripes of Old Mayer 35
  • Soldiers' Chief the Nation's Chief Rogers 40

Soldiers' Grave Crouch 35

  • Soldiers' Pride Merrill 40

Soldiers' Return Knake 35

  • Song of a Thousand Years Work 30

Song of Washington's Men, (Quartet) Clark 40

  • Songs We Sang Upon the Old Camp Ground Frisbie 35
  • Stand Up for Uncle Sam, My Boys Root 35
  • Starved in Prison Root 35

Star Spangled Banner, (Duet and Chorus) Bruen 35

  • Stars and Stripes of Old Mayer 40

Stripes and Stars, (Duet and Chorus) Dressler 35

  • Sunlight on the Flag Barringer 35
  • Sword of Bunker Hill Covert 35
  • Take Your Gun and Go, John Merrill 35
  • They Have Broken Up Their Camps Root 35
  • They Rest in Peace Coe 25
  • 'Tis Finished Work 35

To Canaan Brainard 35

To-Day this Hallowed Place We Seek, (Dec. Q't) Murray 35

  • Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Root 35
  • Tread Lightly, Ye Comrades Bowen 35
  • Uncle Joe's Hail Columbia Work 35
  • Vacant Chair Root 35
  • Washington and Lincoln Work 35
  • We Come, Silent Heroes (Decoration) Macy 40
  • Weep for the Heroes as They Fall Turner 35
  • We are Coming, Father Abraham Baker 35
  • We are Tenting on the Old Camp Ground Turner 35
  • We were Comrades Together in the Days of the War Coe 35
  • We'll Go Down Ourselves Work 35
  • We'll Move on the Enemy's Works Again St. Denis 35
  • We'll Fight it Out Here on the Old Union Line Root 35
  • We've Left Them 'Neath the Roses Johnson 40

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Lambert 35

When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea Warren 30

Who'll Save the Left? Root 50

  • Who Shall Rule this American Nation Work 35
  • Within the Sound of the Enemy's Guns Root 50
  • Yankee Doodle Bruen 35





1. We're coming, Father A _ braham, six hundred thousand more, From 2. Then look a_cross the hill - - tops that meet the northern sky, Long 3. Then look all up our val_leys, where the growing harvests shine, You'll 4. You've call'd us, and we're com _ _ ing, by Richmond's bloody tide, To 5. We're coming, Father A _ braham, strong hearts and ready hands; From

Mis_sis_sip_pi's winding stream and from New England's shore; We leave our plows and mov_ing lines of ris_ing dust your vi_sion may de_scry; And now the wind can see our sturdy farmer boys fast forming in_to line; And children from their lay us down for freedom's sake our brother's bones beside; Or from foul treason's river, lake and mountain we are muster_ing our bands, From boundless western

Copyright MDCCCLXII by H. Tolman & Co. 2933

work - shops, our wives and children dear, With hearts too full for ut_terance, with instant tears, the cloudy veil a_side And floats a_loft our spangled flag in mother's knee are pulling at the weeds, And learning how to reap and sow, a_ sav_age grasp to wrench the murderous blade And in the face of for_eign foes its prairie to the old At lantic shore We're coming Fa_ther A_braham six

but one si_lent tear; We dare not look be_hind us, but steadfast_ly be_ glo_ry and in pride; And bay'nets in the sunlight gleam, and bands brave music _gainst their country's needs; And farewell groups stand weep_ing, at every cottage fragments to par_ade; Six hundred thousand loy_al men and true have gone be_ hundred thousand more; From boundless western prairie to the old At_lantic


_ fore, We are com_ing Fa_ther A_bra_ham, six hundred thousand more. pour, We are com_ing Fa_ther A_bra_ham, six hundred thousand more. door, We are com_ing Fa_ther A_bra_ham, six hundred thousand more. _fore, We are com_ing Fa_ther A_bra_ham, six hundred thousand more. shore, We are com_ing Fa_ther A_bra_ham, six hundred thousand more. ____

SOP. We're com_ing, Fa_ther A_bra_hame, our U_nion to re_store; We're ALTO. We're com_ing, Fa_ther A_bra_hame, our U_nion to re_store; We're TENOR. We're com_ing, Fa_ther A_bra_hame, our U_nion to re_store; We're BASS. We're com_ing, Fa_ther A_bra_hame, our U_nion to re_store; We're We're com_ing, Fa_ther A_bra_hame, our U_nion to re_store; We're We're com_ing, Fa_ther A_bra_hame, our U_nion to re_store; We're

6. Our vanguard now is marching on In answer to your call Around the nation's capitol To place a living wall; And if more more men are wanting then The Union to restore, We are coming, Father Abraham, Nine hundred thousand more

7. And when the welcome call is heard To every patriot hand To strike the blow for liberty, For freedom through the land; The answer will be sounding As it never did before, We are coming, Father Abraham, Ten hundred thousand more.


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Baker, B. F., “We Are Coming Father Abraham, Six Hundred Thousand More,” Chronicling Illinois, accessed July 14, 2020, http://alplm-cdi.com/chroniclingillinois/items/show/20082.