W. R. Brown to Richard Yates


W. R. Brown to Richard Yates


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Metropolis Dec 15th 1864

His Ex Richd Yates

Gov &c


Dear Sir, I drew today a Protest at the request of our Merchants, to an order or Circular, issued by Genl Meridith Commandg at Paducah. I know the facts as stated in the Protest to be true. Genl Meridieth has acted on false information, at the beginning of the War a Permit Officer, appointed by the Treasury Dept, with authority to grant Permitts, was stationed at Metropolis, who was governed by the Military authorities at Cairo, this Officer has for some reason unknown to the Merchants here been abolished. They simply ask that that office be again renewed and some one be put in it with authority similar to that at Paducah by which parties may be permitted to trade at Metropolis if they desire to do so. Genl Meridith has refused to grant this, which I think is very unjust to our Merchants who are all Loyal men, while the converce is the fact of the Merchants of Paducah.

The Paducah Merchant would like

all the trade to we confirmed to that Place and they have either deceived the Comanding officer there, to doing so as interested him, to do so. Merchants there have no doubt represented to him that a large trade in (Contraband of War) is being prosecuted at this place. Genl Meredith immediately waxed [roth?] and orders all Skiffs Ferry Boats and other small craft in or about Metropolis to be totally demolished, our Citizens being loyal, have bore, all these things from this old imbecile, who is hardy a fair excuse for a man much less Genl until it is now allmost unbearable, and let me say in this connection that I do not believe that there is a man, woman or child in this town, that is not more legal that Genl Meridith, for I am told by truthful men who are loyal at Paducah that no favors are shown by him at Paducah to any other that Rebells, and some of this I have wittnessed myself I have no quarrel with Meredith and do not feel personally agrieved by any act of his towards me, but I rather like Genl Paine policy for Paducah better than his thinck it

was more sensible & Just and from what I can see and learn thinck it was more honest. I shall try to be in Springfield this winter, hoping and believing that you with interest yourself for our Merchants I ask with much respect

Your friend

& Obd Servant

W. R. Brown

Brown W. R.

Metropolis Dec 15 - 64

He sends a Protest from the Merchants of Metropolis against an order issued by Brig. Genl. Meredith of Paducah. At the commencement of the War they had a regularly appointed Permit Officer there but he has recently been removed. They request that he be renewed & the infringement in their Trade stopped &c. - Believes Genl Meredith is less loyal than the Merchants.



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