Cordelia Reynolds to Richard Yates


Cordelia Reynolds to Richard Yates


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Brookfield, Clinton County Iowa December 13th, 1864

Governor Yates,

You will be surprised when you receive a letter from a stranger, but I hope you will not let any letter [illegible] you by trust give heed to what I am about to write to you.

I wish to make the appeal to you for the purpose of trying to get employment.

I a lone girl of 17 am left to make a living for a blind father and an invalid mother and an infant sister.

Our family was living in Missouri when the present Rebellion broke out, our home was burned over our heads at the dead hour of midnight was left destitute clothing and no home to shelter our heads ([illegible] the loss of Property) [illegible] near and dear friends and she buried three sisters and two brothers since this Rebellion.

Then my father joined the State Militia Hannibal Missouri and served for three long weary months and never got one cent for it.

Then he went in with the Army for three years and served 2 years, lacking 2 months, then he was discharged for disability (his disease was the sore eyes) and he has since gone Blind and the Pensioners say that he can have help if he ought visit the City of Chicago and go to [illegible] and those [illegible] not go to.

[last lines of this page are illegible]

My mother and myself had employment of some kind that we would she a [illegible] There is nothing for us to do here.

We once had plenty but Poverty has now overtaken us.

I have sold everything that any one would buy to get [illegible] and get medicine.

My mother served in the Army in the worst most two years and she has heard you spoken very highly of and of your being a friend to the soldiers and their family's & therefore I wrote this to you and hope you will not let it pass you by.

Would you please write to me in answer as soon as conveniency and give me all the information that you can.

[illegible line]

Yours with respect [illegible] [illegible][illegible]

Miss Cordelia Reynolds Brookfield Clinton Co. Iowa

Reynolds Miss Cordelia

Brookfield Iowa Dec 13th 64

Formerly lived in Mo. where they had their house and property burned by rebels. Her father is blind, her mother an invalid and they are poor. She wants the Sanitary Com. of Ill. to send her father to Chicago to get his eyes cured - and you to get employment for yourself & mother to alleviate their suffering. Her father served two years in an Illinois Regt.



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