Henry Conkling to Richard Yates


Henry Conkling to Richard Yates


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Bloomington Dec 12th 1864

Hon. Richard Yates

Dear Sir

Permit me to make an enquiry in regard to a Solider who is here on Furlough and which I have extended [leaves?] for the reason he has not been in a condition to return owing to Gun Shot Wound but he is now or will be in a few days in a condition to travel but the difficulty in his case is he cannot get to his Regiment it being the 26th Ill. [illegible] which is with Sherman. Said Soldier is on leave to report to his Company or Regiment at expiration of his time or be considered a deserter. and he has applied to me to know what he shall do. This is the case and how shall it be disposed of. Pardon me for writing you often But the Soldiers and many other here and in this region come to me for advise, and yet I have no direct authority to act in their matters. I would that it was otherwise. This is an important point and I could be of much service, to the Government if I had the Power. There is not an officer or medical examiner here lawfully. The Citizens here have signed a petition to the War Department to have me appointed a Medical examiner for this place. I sent it to my Brother J.C. Conkling to have you endorse it and then forward it on. I have not heard from it since it was sent. I should like to know to whom I can correspond with in Springfield in regard to such matters as I am not [???ted] in Military Matters. I have been attending to sick Soldiers for some time and feel grateful that I can be of service to them but I find it a great tax on me but I must close as a Soldier has just come in on crutches to see what I can do for him.

Yours truly

Henry Conkling

Conkling Henry

Bloomington Dec 9 / 64

Enquires for a soldier



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