W. D. Henderson to Richard Yates


W. D. Henderson to Richard Yates


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                                       Monmouth Dec 12th/64

Gov Yates

              Dr Sir
                        I arrived Safely at home and found My family & Friends Well, I conversed freely with Mr. Simpson on the way home in Relation to the SenatorShip he frankly admitted that takeing into Consideration the position you ocupied and the Services you had rendered &C. that you were entitled to the position but Said he would Not commit himself to any one until the legislature Met.  I remarked to him that I felt Confident that you were Stronger to day than any other Candidate and that you could only be defeated by Some Combination of Circumstances that could not Now be seen and against which you could not contend because you could not foresee what they were, doing.  to which he replied that there were Combinations forming to defeat you that you were Not aware of but did not tell Me what they were but I did infer from the maner in which the remark was Made that it was Some way connected with Gen Oglesby, but this is only Surmize.  I have Met with Mr Strain and Mentioned the Matter to him and he remarked that he had written to you on the Subject a few days since but did not say what he had written now if Mr Strain is not

is Not for you I think he has Changed his mind Since the Election I think Mr Strain a good Man but he May have been drawn into Some of these Combinations you will be able to Judge of what he will do by the letter which he has written to you if it Should become Necessary I beleive that a Meeting could be Called in this County and that that Meeting would very nearly unanimously Express a preference for you over all others whose Names have been Mentioned in Connection with the Senatorship, please let me hear from you & I Should like to Know confidentially the position that Mr Strain ocupies on that question

                 very Respectfully Yours &C.
                                           W D Henderson


    let Me hear from you as soon as you hear from Washington I do feel anxious to Know what can be done for these unfortunate soldiers that are cooped up in that Miserable Den at Nashville
                                                      W D H 

Henderson W D _

Monmouth Dec, 13th/64

On his road home he talked with Mr Simpson on the Senator question and he (S) told him that taking into consideration the services you had rendered &c_ You were entitled to the position but that he would not commit himself till the Legislature meets_ also that there were combinations working against you of which you are not aware_ from this he inferred that Gen'l Oglesby was in someway connected with it. Strain told him that he had written to you on the subject and he would like confidentially to Know how Strain stands.




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