Franklin Blades to Richard Yates


Franklin Blades to Richard Yates


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                  Watseka Ills.
                          12th Dec. 1864

Governor Yates

                     Dear Sir:
                                    While I was at Springfield the other day I desired very much to see you.  I desired to have you write a letter to Mr Wood, our member of the legislature, in regard to the Senatorship.  I knew that his predilections were for you: but soon something I had heard I was somewhat fearful that he had been impressed with the subterranean Current that is turning against you.  I afterwards learned however that he had written to you to say that he should be for you  He could not well be otherwise Considering the Sentiment of the people he represents
    Another matter I wished to see you about was in regard to a meritorious and gallant young friend of mine who would like a commission as Major or Lieutenant

Colonel in Genl. Hancock's Corps now forming at Washington. We should have Called on you, but learning that you were very unwell we refrained My friend is Capt. George E. King of the 113th Ills Infty _ He was captured in June last in the fight under Sturges. For a considerable time was confined at Charleston under fire. Being removed to Columbia S. C. _ where he was without Shelter and fed on corn meal and some Sorgum he made his escape on the 4th of last November and after undergoing great hardships and perils he arrived at Hilton Head on the 18th. On arriving at N.Y. he was ordered home to await orders from Adjutant General at Washington. He has been at home only a few days. He has been in the Service nearly ever Since the war began and has been a brave, gallant and popular soldier. He possesses good address, a fine physique and is ambitious

to distinguish himself. And his Many friends desire him to have the opportunity. In his regiment the field offices are filled and beside there are four Captains who rank him If you can aid him in any way to promotion, you will do an act which will be gratefully received and which, I personally pledge myself, you will never have occasion to regret it. I am satisfied that he would be about equally relieved to have a Staff appointment to some Major General _ especially Genl. (Lopair?) or Washburn

   If you prefer to have an interview with Capt. King before giving him the benefit of your influence he will call on you at Springfield.  I suppose he will not receive orders from W. for some days yet  
   If you have the health and leisure I would be much gratified to have a letter from you in reply
                                                     Very Truly Yours
                                                     Franklin Blades

Blades Franklin

WatseKa Dec 12th 1864

He thought of calling on you while at Sprfl'd to have you write to Woods, their member of Legislature. He thinks his (W's) predelictions are for you. but that he might be led astray by some of the current arguments used by the opposition He also wants you to use your influence for the appointment of his friend Capt King of the 113th Regt. as Major or Lt Co'l in Gen Hancock's Corps_ or failing in this to to a Staff appointment on Major Genl's Staff

Col H write strong letter appealing for Lt Col in H. Corps & send me with this



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