Mary F. Ferrar to Richard Yates


Mary F. Ferrar to Richard Yates


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         Peoria  Desember the 11 1864
         Goverenor yates dear Sir

Its With fear and trembling that I com in to your presane I rote you a letter som time a go but I reseved no anser to it and I thought per haps you never got it per haps you think Straing that I should take the liberty to a dres you a strainger and I harley no how to a proach you but your kind and nobel face gave me courige to ask you to a sist me in the our of nead times air so hard that I cant get eney thing for my children to wair it takes all the money that i get to get a littel som thing to eat and pay my rent if my sun Was at hoam i might get a long but he is gon to risk his life on the battel field and its littel he has got as yet ah its hard to be poor theas times

if I could get fifty dollars I could get a long this Winter its hard to see my children freese or starve and and one or the outher thay Will have to do if i cant get help from som one and i cant bair to have them cauld paupers oh it rings my heart With anguish to think a bout it I am far a Way from my native hoam and all air straingers to me oh kind sir if you have eney thing to spair send it to me soon as i am verey neady rember _- What i have to ald you is gods truth oh i Would not deseve you oh no What i tel you is true as the sun shines

            rite soon if you Wil send a check on the bank i could get it it mite be saefer than to send the money
                                                 Yours With respect
                                                 Mary F Firrar

direct to Peoria Ill

Firrar Mary A

Peoria Dec 8/64

Wants help



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“Mary F. Ferrar to Richard Yates,” Chronicling Illinois, accessed January 23, 2021,