David Davis Family Papers, 1816-1953


David Davis Family Papers, 1816-1953



Davis, David   (1815-1886)


Family Papers 1816-1953


24.25 linear feet (43 manuscript boxes and 27 bound volumes)


David Davis (1815-1886) a lawyer, politician, distinguished jurist and businessman was born in Maryland, educated at Kenyon College in Ohio, and studied law at Yale University. In 1844, Davis won election as a Whig to the Illinois Legislature, and four years later was elected Judge of Illinois Eighth Judicial Circuit, where he served on the bench during Lincoln's remaining years as an attorney on the circuit. The two became close friends, and Davis worked diligently as Lincoln's campaign manager at the 1860 Republican nominating convention in Chicago. In 1862, President Lincoln appointed Davis to the United States Supreme Court, where Davis wrote the majority opinion in Ex parte Milligan, a landmark decision restricting the rights of military courts to try civilians. In 1877, he resigned from the court after being elected to the United States Senate by the Illinois Legislature. Davis served as Senate president pro tempore from 1881 to 1883, and was known unofficially as "Mr. Vice President." He retired from the Senate in 1883.


The collection consists of the papers of David Davis; his wife, Sarah (Walker)Davis(1814-1879); his son, George Perrin Davis (1842-1917); his daughter, Sarah Worthington Davis (1852-1934); and other members of theDavisfamily. Also included are a few collateral collections consisting of the correspondence of relatives who were members of the Betts, Walker, and Hanna families, and the papers of several of Davis’s friends, notably Leonard Swett (1825-1889), and William Ward Orme (1832-1866).


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David Davis was born March 9, 1815, in Sassafras Neck, Maryland. Davis was born after his father died (July 25, 1814), and he spent his early years living on his grandfather's plantation (Mercer Plantation), with his mother, Ann (Mercer) Davis, and stepfather (Franklin Betts) in Baltimore, Maryland, and with his uncle, Rev. Henry Lyon Davis, in Annapolis, Maryland. During this time Davis attended boarding schools in Maryland. His mother and stepfather moved to Newark, Delaware, and Davis began attending Newark Academy in September 1826. Two years later, Davis enrolled at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Davis graduated in September 1832 and soon thereafter began studying law in the office of attorney Henry W. Bishop in Lenox, Massachusetts. While there, Davis met both his future wife, Sarah Walker, and his future law partner, Wells Colton. In 1834, Davis enrolled in the New Haven Law School, in New Haven, Connecticut, but after less than one year, Davis moved to Pekin, Illinois, and opened a law office, but within a year he relocated to Bloomington. In 1837, Davis and Colton formed a partnership. Davis supported the Whig Party, and in 1840, he was an unsuccessful candidate for the Illinois State Senate. Active in Whig politics, Davis was elected to the state legislature in 1844 and served as a member of the 1848 state constitutional convention. In 1848, Davis was elected judge over the Eighth Judicial Circuit, which at that time was composed of fourteen counties including Lincoln's home county of Sangamon. This position brought him into close association with Abraham Lincoln. Judge Davis, Lincoln, and other attorneys, rode the circuit each spring and fall for nearly ten years. In Davis's opinion, "Lincoln was happy, as happy as he could be, when on this circuit and happy no other place." As judge of the Eighth Judicial Circuit, Davis presided over hundreds of cases in which Lincoln was an attorney.

Davis worked to secure Lincoln's nomination at the Republican National Convention of 1860 in Chicago and actively campaigned for Lincoln's bid for the Presidency. He accompanied Lincoln on his inaugural journey from Springfield, Illinois, to Washington, DC. In 1861, President Lincoln appointed Davis to investigate claims in John C. Fremont's Department of the West in Missouri. In 1862, President Lincoln appointed Davis, still sitting as judge of the Eighth Judicial Circuit in Illinois, as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. As a justice of the Supreme Court, Davis presided over the federal circuit composed of Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Davis was considered a civil libertarian on the Supreme Court because of his 1866 opinion in Ex parte Milligan. Lambdin P. Milligan, an Indiana Democratic politician, was arrested in 1864 and sentenced to death by a military commission for conspiring against the United States. Davis held that martial rule "can never exist where the [civil] courts are open, and in the proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction."

After Lincoln's assassination, his family appointed Davis as administrator of Lincoln's estate. He increased the value of the estate before distributing it to Lincoln's heirs, Mary, Robert, and Tad. By 1875, Robert considered Davis "as a second father" and sought his support when it became necessary to commit Mary Lincoln to an insane asylum. Davis retired from the bench in 1877 after being elected to the United States Senate. He resigned from the senate in 1883. Davis had invested in real estate with De Witt County attorney, Clifton H. Moore, and became a man of considerable wealth. He had the distinction of being the largest landowner in Illinois. At the time of his death, June 26, 1886, his estate was valued between four to five million dollars-a huge fortune in his day.                                                                                                                                       



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David Davis married Sarah Walker (1814-Nov. 9, 1879), a daughter of William Perrin Walker, a probate judge in Massachusetts, on Oct 30, 1838 and they had two children.  A son, George Perrin Davis (1842-1917) and a daughter Sarah “Sallie” Worthington Davis (Sept. 9, 1852-1934).   After Sarah’s death, he married Adeline Burr ofFayetteville,N.C. on March 14, 1883.

George Perrin Davis was the son of David and Sarah Davis and was born June 3, 1842.  He studied atIllinoisWesleyanUniversity andBeloitCollege (Wisconsin); graduated fromWilliamsCollege inMassachusetts in 1864; received a law degree from theUniversity ofMichigan in 1867; and then returned toBloomington,Illinois to establish a law practice and help manage his father’s extensive business affairs.


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                                                                   Scope and Content


The collection is 24.25 linear feet which is 43 boxes and 27 bound volumes.  It consists of the papers of David Davis; his wife, Sarah (Walker)Davis (1814-1879); his son, George Perrin Davis (1842-1917); his daughter, Sarah Worthington Davis (1852-1934); and other members of theDavis family. Also included are a few collateral collections consisting of the correspondence of relatives who were members of the Betts, Walker, and Hanna families, and the papers of several of Davis’s friends, notably Leonard Swett (1825-1889), and William Ward Orme (1832-1866).


Series I:  David Davis: The papers of David Davis are arranged into the following categories:

(1) correspondence, (2) letters from Abraham Lincoln, (3) correspondence and other papers concerning the estate of Abraham Lincoln, (4)letters from Mary Todd Lincoln, (5) letters from Robert Todd Lincoln, (6) correspondence with Sarah Walker Davis, (7) correspondence with Adeline Burr Davis, (8) business correspondence, (9) financial papers, (10) legal papers, (11) speeches and addresses, (12) newspaper clippings, (13) miscellaneous papers, and (14) bound volumes.


            (1) General correspondence, 1831-1886 (Boxes 1-7 [A-1 to A-105]) 3,683 items. The     general correspondence includes 277 letters for July 1831 to December 3, 1848, while        Davis was a law student, a lawyer in Pekin and Bloomington, Illinois, and a member of the      Illinois General Assembly; 666 letters for December 4, 1848 to August 27, 1862, while he     was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court; 769 letters for March 5, 1877        to March 3, 1883, while he was a member of the United States Senate; 442 letters for March 4, 1883 to June 16, 1886, while he lived in retirement in Bloomington; and 65letters whose dates could not be ascertained.


            The general correspondence contains 281 letters from David Davis to his son, George        Perrin Davis, and 294 letters from David Davis to other persons. Except for the letters to his wife Sarah Davis (which are contained in another series and reported on separately), David Davis’s             letters to his son are the most complete source of information about his activities and attitudes, especially after 1867, when George began managing some of hisfather’s business interests. David Davis also wrote numerous letters to Wells Colton, his law partner during the 1830’s (49 items); William Perrin Walker, his father-in-law (29 items); Julius Rockwell, his brother-in-law (26 items); and Leonard Swett, an Illinois politician and lawyer (12 items).


            Davis’s letters to Colton are primarily concerned with legal and financial matters. Those to Walker and Rockwell discuss Davis’s family, his law business, speculation in real estate in        Illinois and surrounding states, the vicissitudes of Illinois banking, railroad construction,legislation enacted by the Illinois General Assembly, the Mormons at Nauvoo, the constitutional convention of 1847, life on the Eighth Judicial Circuit, Abraham Lincoln, and state and national politics. Many of Davis’s letters to Swett were written in St. Louis      while Davis was chairman of the commission appointed to settle claims incurred by the     Department of the West.


            Davis’s correspondences included some fellow members of the United States Supreme     Court. The collection contains letters from Salmon P. Chase, Nathan Clifford, Samuel F. Miller, Samuel Nelson, Noah H. Swayne, Roger B. Taney, and Ward Hunt.

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                                                                   Scope and Content


Series I:  David Davis:


            (1) General correspondence, 1831-1886-cont. - There are also letters from Benjamin R.   Curtis, a former justice, Melville W. Fuller, a later chief justice, and John M. Harlan, later    an Associate Justice.  Federal district and circuit court justices who wrote to Davis included Thomas Drummond, Henry W. Blodgett, and Henry W. Bishop, Jr., of Chicago; Davis  McDonald and Walter Q. Gresham of Indianapolis; and Samuel H. Treat and Lawrence Weldon of Springfield, Illinois. Davis received letters from territorial judges KirbyBenedict (New Mexico Territory), Samuel C. Parks (Idaho, New Mexico, and Wyoming    territories), and D.H. Pinney (Arizona Territory); Illinois Supreme Court Justices Charles    B. Lawrence, John M. Scott, and Samuel H. Treat; and court clerks J.D. Howland,Indianapolis, and D.W. Middleton,Washington,D.C.


            Illinois politicians wrote many of the incoming letters. Among those represented by two or more letters are Orville H. Browning, T. Lyle Dickey, Jesse W. Fell, Asahel Gridley, WardHill Lamon, Stephen T. Logan, Jesse O. Norton, Richard J. Oglesby, John T. Stuart,             Leonard Swett, Lyman Trumbull, Elihu B. Washburne, John Wentworth, and Richard            Yates. Other politicians and statesmen whose letters are in the general correspondence           include William T. Otto and Caleb B. Smith of Indiana; Benjamin Bristow and Joseph Holt             of Kentucky; Montgomery Blair and Henry Winter Davis of Maryland; Thomas H. Dudleyof New Jersey; Roscoe Conkling, Edwin W. Stoughton, and Thurlow Weed of New York;Thomas Ewing and James A. Garfield of Ohio; and Jeremiah S. Black, Simon Cameron,Joseph Casey, and Edwin M. Stanton of Pennsylvania.


            Only one series of letters was written by an important Civil War military leader, although other correspondence for that period discusses the war. Brigadier General William WardOrme, who obtained his commission through Davis’s assistance, kept Davis informed ofhis activities in the Army of the Frontier and the Army of Tennessee.


            Davis’s business affairs are discussed in some of his personal correspondence as well as in  the routine business letters filed separately. Especially important for information on business matters are the letters from Wells Colton; Clifton H. Moore, a lawyer in Clinton,Illinois, who traveled extensively to inspect land for Davis; Lucius G. Fisher, a businessman in Beloit, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois, whose wife inherited land in        Chicago from Wells Colton; Aaron L. Chapin, president of Beloit College, Wisconsin,      whose wife also inherited Chicago land from Colton; and David P. Davis, the managerof property owned by Davis in Maryland.


            (2) Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865). Letters and documents, 1846-1865, (Lincoln Collection) 38 items. Included are fifteen letters and notes; the remainder of the material consists of receipts or documents pertaining to law cases. The letters and notes addressed to David Davis, are dated February 12, 1849, July 6, 1849, June, 1852; July 7, 1856, May 26, 1860, August 27, 1862, October 19, 1862, April 13, 1865; to Leonard Swett, January 9, 1860, May 26,      1860, May 30, 1860, July 16, 1860; to John Wentworth, February 13, 1860; to Salmon P. Chase, June 10, 1864.


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                                                                   Scope and Content


Series I:  David Davis:


            3) Correspondence and other papers concerning the estate of Abraham Lincoln,

            (Box 7 [A-106 to A-107]) 123 items. Six items, 1860-1865, include tax receipts and letters   pertaining to financial matters addressed to Abraham Lincoln from the First National Bank of Washington, D.C. The remaining papers consist of letters addressed to David Davis, and   his financial records as administrator of the estate of Abraham Lincoln, 1865-1868, and guardian of Thomas Lincoln, 1867-1872.


            4) Lincoln, Mary Todd (1818-1882) (Box 7 [A-108]) Letters, 1861-1878. 32 items. All but two of these letters are addressed to Davis, and all but one were written after Lincoln’s            assassination. A letter in 1861 requests Davis to write to Lincoln opposing a cabinet           appointment for Norman B. Judd. The others discuss Lincoln’s estate, Mary Lincoln’s        personal finances, and expenditures for the support of Thomas Lincoln. Most of the letters    were written in Chicago, but one was written in Germany during Mary Lincoln’s trip to    Europe in 1868.


            (5) Lincoln, Robert Todd (1843-1926) (Box 7 [A-109]) Letters, 1865-1883. 60 items.      These   letters discuss Davis’s administration of Abraham Lincoln’s estate, his       guardianship of Thomas Lincoln, the personal finances of Robert Todd Lincoln and Mary   Lincoln, and other matters. The letters also mention Abraham Lincoln’s papers; lectures and writings about Lincoln by William H. Herndon and Ward Hill Lamon; Mary Lincoln’s         symptoms of mental illness; and Illinois politics.


            6) Correspondence with Sarah Walker Davis, 1841-1879. (Boxes 7-9 [B-1 to B-29])     628 items. Davis’s correspondence with his wife, Sarah, contains information about both his public career and his family life. The correspondence includes 93 letters for the years 1841-1848; 173 letters for 1849-1861; 371 for 1862-1876; 37 for 1877-1879; and 8undated items.


            (7) Correspondence with Adeline Burr Davis, 1879-1883 (Box 9 [B-30]) 33 items.         Incoming letters from David Davis’s second wife. Most of the letters were written during 1882-1883 in Tokay andFayetteville,North Carolina.


            (8) Business correspondence, (Boxes 10-13 [C-1 to C-37])Ca. 1, 440 items. David           Davis’s business correspondence consists almost entirely of incoming letters. Many of the letters for 1836-1849 are addressed to the firm of Davis and Colton, and concern debt collections, judgments in lawsuits, and similar matters. Much of the later correspondence   pertains to Davis’s large landholdings. Business letters are especially numerous from Clifton H. Moore, Davis’s partner in Clinton, Illinois; Lucius G. Fisher, Chicago; Wayman Crow, St. Louis, Missouri; Levi Davis, Alton, Illinois; Turner and Bond, a Chicago firm      that specialized in mortgage loans on real estate; and other individuals, businesses, and law firms in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and various other cities inIllinois and the East.



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                                                                   Scope and Content


Series I:  David Davis:


            (9) Financial papers, 1816-1887, (Boxes 14-21 [D-1 to D-75]) Ca. 3,000 items. The         financial papers are arranged under the following categories: (1) miscellaneous papers,   including bills and accounts with various stores, receipts, promissory notes, and tax statements; (2) real estate papers, including plats, abstracts of title, list of land, and memoranda concerning real estate; (3) account with Turner and Bond, including statements of expenditures for construction, repairs, and other services, and amounts due Davis for sales and rentals in David Davis’s South Addition in Chicago; (4) account and memoranda    books; and (5) check stubs and cancelled checks.


            (10) Legal Papers, 1830-1886. (Boxes 21-25 [E-1 to E-43]) 1, 407 items. Davis’s legalpapers are arranged under the following categories: (1) court dockets, 1838-1847, six items; (2) depositions, summons, charges to juries, and other documents, 1849-1861, concerning cases heard by the eighth judicial circuit court while Davis was the judge, 158 items; (3) printed texts of opinions written by Davis during 1864-1877 and texts of a few opinions after his resignation from United States Supreme Court, 1864-1884, 113 items;   (4) miscellaneous legal documents, 1830-1886, concerning cases handled by his law firm and land investments, 1,530 items.


            (11) Speeches and addresses, 1832-1886, (Box 25 [F-1 to F-2]), 22 items. These include Davis’s commencement oration at Kenyon College in 1832, his address to the Bar ofSangamon County in 1849 when he assumed his duties as circuit judge, and his remarksbefore the Illinois legislature in 1877 after his election to the United States Senate.


            (12) Newspaper clippings, 1855-1886, (Box 25 [F-3 to F-6]), 225 items.


            (13) Miscellaneous Papers, 1832-1886, (Box 26 [F-7 to F-14a]), ca. 400 items. Davis’s    diploma from Kenyon College, his certificates for law study, his licenses to practice law in          Illinois, commissions as circuit judge, invitation to Lincoln’s inauguration, texts of bills and speeches in the United States Senate, lists of books in Davis’s library, memoranda, programs, calling cards, biographical sketches of Davis, and other materials.


            (14) Bound volumes, 1838-1886 (BV 1-13), 13 volumes. Included are ledgers relating to          the Davis-Colton law firm; 1838-1845 (BV1-4); cash book, 1845-1856 (BV 5); scrapbooks,   1864-1886 (BV 7+10-11); records, 1861-1862, concerning disposition of claims against the     Department of the West (BV 12-13).


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1953


Davis, Sarah (Walker), Mrs. David: available on microfilm, correspondence, 1838-1879 (Boxes 26-27 [G-1 to G-12]), 543 items. Numerous letters from Sarah Walker Davis to her father, William Perrin Walker of Lenox, Massachusetts; her mother, Lucy; her son, George Perrin Davis; and a few letters to other individuals. Incoming letters are especially numerous from her parents and her three sisters. The sisters included Lucy, wife of Julius Rockwell ofPittsfield,Massachusetts;


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                                                                   Scope and Content


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1953


Davis, Sarah (Walker), Mrs. David:-cont. - Fanny, wife of Daniel R. Williams of Stockbridge, Massachusetts; and Cornelia, wife of Joseph Scranton of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sarah Davis also received letters from Lucy Henry, Martha (Colton) Chapin, Rachel (Colton) Fisher, Julius Rockwell, Wells Colton, and various members of theWalker,Davis, Betts, Mercer, andScranton families.


Davis, Adeline (Burr), Mrs. David: available on microfilm, correspondence, 1883-1913 (Box 27 [G-13]), 41 items. Letters from Adeline Davis to George Perrin Davis, his sons, Mercer and David, and John M. Walker of Bloomington, Illinois. There are a few incoming letters.


Davis, George Perrin:

            Correspondence, 1853-1916, (Boxes 27-30 [H-1 to H-27]), 2, 290 items. George Perrin     Davis’s correspondence contains numerous letters to his parents, David and Sarah Davis, and        to his wife, Ella (Hanna) Davis. Incoming correspondence during the earlier years includes letters from classmates at Beloit College, Wisconsin, Williams College, Massachusetts, and the law school at the University of Michigan, and from members of the Davis, Walker, Rockwell, Scranton and Hanna families. After the mid-1880’s the correspondence largely relates to land transactions, livestock production, the administration of the estate of David   Davis, and other business matters. The bulk of the correspondence for 1886 consists of letters             of condolence on the death of David Davis. Business letters are especially numerous from Clifton H. Moore, Clinton, Illinois; the firm of Turner and Bond, Chicago; E.H. Hyneman, Gridley, Illinois; William Hanna, Maroa, Illinois; and Ira Merchant, Bloomington, Illinois.


            Financial Papers, 1856-1917 of George Perrin Davis are arranged under the following       categories: (1) miscellaneous, 1856-1917, including accounts, bills, receipts, and similar     materials, (Boxes 30-35: [I-1 to I-42]), 1980 items; (2) accounts with Turner and Bond,           1886-1892, (Boxes 35-37 [I-43 to I-55]), 630 items; (3) account with William A. Bond and Company , 1893-1907 (Boxes 37-38 [I-56 to I-72]), 15 books; and (5) bank books,     1867-1905 (Boxes 38 [I-73 to I-75]), 8 books.


            Legal Papers, 1865-1912, (Boxes 38-39 [J-1 to J-6]), include deeds, insurance policies,      trail dockets of the circuit court of McLean County, Illinois, agreements with lessees, miscellaneous contracts and agreements, and other items, 270 items.


            Miscellaneous Papers, 1858-1917 (Boxes 39-40 [K-1 to K-6]), numerous papers concerning      George Perrin Davis’s years at Beloit College, Williams College, and the law school at the            University of Michigan. Also included are speeches, newspaper clippings, invitations, admission cards, programs, calling cards, list of books, and a biographical sketch.


            Bound Volumes, 1861-1917, (BV 14-22), consists of an account book while a student at Beloit College (BV 14); law school notebooks (BV 15-18); ledgers of accounts with tenants, agents, and servants (BV 19-21); and a scrapbook of mounted bills and accounts       (BV 22).


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                                                                   Scope and Content


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1953


Davis, Ella (Hanna), Mrs. George Perrin (1846-1921): Correspondence, 1860-1883, (Box 40 [L-1 to L-3]), 117 items. Mostly letters to her husband. Also a few letters to and from members of the Hanna family, and letters to her sons, David and Mercer Davis.


Lilliard, Sarah (Davis) Swayne, Mrs. John T. (1852-1934); Correspondence, 1860-1883 (Box 40 [M-1 to M-3]), 103 items. Letters to her parents, David and Sarah Davis, and her brother, George Perrin Davis, concerning family matters.


Davis Family: Correspondence 1867-1953 (Box 40 [N-1 to N-2]), 127 items. Correspondence of Alice Scranton Davis (1870-1945); David Davis (1876-1941) and his wife, Edith (Melluish) Davis (1874-1959); Mercer Davis (1878-1957); and George Perrin Davis (1900-1955). Some of the later correspondence concerns the Davis Papers. Also: Bank Book 1887-1906 (Box 40 [N-3]), 4 items, miscellaneous papers, 1875-1943 (Boxes 40-41 [N-4 to N-6]), 180 items.


Betts (Lyman W.) and Davis: Ledger, 1869-1875 (Oversize BV 23), Partnership between Betts, David Davis, and George Perrin Davis. The accounts concern livestock production.


Hanna (William H.) and Scott (John M.): Business correspondence, 1835-1878 (Box 41 [O-1 to O-4]). Law partnership. Incoming correspondence. William Hanna became George Perrin Davis’s law partner in 1867. Also: Account Book, 1855-1857 (Box 41 [O-5]); Bank Books, 1855-1866

(Box41[O-6]); and Court Docket December Term 1857(Box41[O-7]).


Hanna (William H.) and Company: Ledger, 1887-1889, (Oversize BV 24) Law firm, some entries concern the estate of David Davis.


Orme, William Ward: Scrapbook, 1851-1853 (Oversize BV 25). Law partner of Leonard Swett in Bloomington, Illinois. Essays, aphorisms, poetry and newspaper clippings.


Smith, Peter: Surveyor’s Notebook, (Oversize BV 26) County surveyor for Lawrence County, Illinois, 1847-1852. Comments on the quality of land listed by township, quarter, and section.


Swett, Leonard: Correspondence, 1856-1886, (Box 41 [O-8 to O-9]), 170 items. Lawyer in Bloomington and Chicago, and Republican politician. This correspondence consists mostly of letters from Swett to his wife, Laura, and letters to Swett from political associates. All but 34 letters are for the years 1860-1863. Swett’s letters to Laura (83 items) discuss Abraham Lincoln, the election of 1860, political appointments during Lincoln’s first administration, Swett’s law business, and family matters. The collection contains 14 other letters written by Swett. Swett received letters from Simon Cameron, Joseph Casey, T. Lyle Dickey, Ozias M. Hatch, William Ward Orme, James W. Shirk, and Thurlow Weed. Most of Orme’s letters concern his service with the Ninety-fourth Illinois Infantry. Shirk served on the U.S.S. Lexington and the U.S.S. Tuscumbia on the Yazoo and         MississippiRivers.




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Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1953


Swett, Leonard-cont.: Also included (Box 42 [O-10]) are court dockets, 1849-1850; a legal notebook containing notes on insanity used in the People v. Wyant, 1856; and miscellaneous financial and legal papers.


Swett, (Leonard) and Orme (William Ward) (Box 42 [O-11]) business correspondence, 1859-1866, for the law partnership firm of Swett and Orme, Bloomington, Illinois.


Miscellaneous Persons: Letters, 1820-1920, (Boxes 42-42 ½ [O-12 to O-19]), 562 items. These letters, none of which was written by or to a member of the Davis Family, came into the family’s possession in various ways. A few were probably enclosures in letters to David Davis or other members of the family. Members of the Betts, Walker, and Hanna             families wrote or received a majority of the letters. Letters to John M. Walker,Bloomington,Illinois, are especially numerous. Many of the other letters are addressed to W.H. Allin and Dr. Thomas H. Haines, Bloomington, Illinois; C. H. Moore, Clinton, Illinois; John F. Henry, Burlington, Iowa; and John Wentworth,Chicago. Some letters from the General Land Office, Washington, D.C., concern land claims and warrants.


Oversize BV-27-Unidentified Ledger, No Date


























                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 11                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    General Correspondence, 1831-1886

1          A-1                  Correspondence, 1831-1839 (10)

            A-2                  Correspondence, 1840-1843 (20)

            A-3                  Correspondence, 1844-1845 (39)

            A-4                  Correspondence, January 1-June 30, 1846 (34)

            A-5                  Correspondence, July 1-December 31, 1846 (25)

            A-6                  Correspondence, January 1-March 31, 1847 (24)

            A-7                  Correspondence, April 1-June 30, 1847 (26)

            A-8                  Correspondence, July 1-September 30, 1847 (15)

            A-9                  Correspondence, October 1-December 31, 1847 (10)

            A-10                Correspondence, January 1-April 30, 1848 (25)

            A-11                Correspondence, May 1-August 31, 1848 (33)

            A-12                Correspondence, September 1-December 31, 1848 (27)

            A-13                Correspondence, January 1-April 30, 1849 (39)

            A-14                Correspondence, May 1-August 31, 1849 (33)

            A-15                Correspondence, September 1-December 31, 1849 (17)

            A-16                Correspondence, January 1-June 30, 1850 (42)

            A-17                Correspondence, July 1-December 31, 1850 (31)

            A-18                Correspondence, January 1-June 30, 1851 (36)

            A-19                Correspondence, July 1-December 31, 1851 (27)


2          A-20                Correspondence, 1852 (35)

            A-21                Correspondence, 1853 (20)

            A-22                Correspondence, January 1-June 30, 1854 (23)

            A-23                Correspondence, July 1-December 31, 1854 (23)

            A-24                Correspondence, 1855-1856 (52)

*          A-25                Correspondence, 1857-1858 (44)

*          A-26                Correspondence, 1859 (31)

*          A-27                Correspondence, January-August 1860 (25)

*          A-28                Correspondence, September-November 1860 (16)

*          A-29                Correspondence, December 1860 (21)

            A-30                Correspondence, January 1861 (33)

            A-31                Correspondence, February-June 1861 (29)

            A-32                Correspondence, July-December 1861 (21)

            A-33                Correspondence, January-April 1862 (25)

            A-34                Correspondence, May-August 1862 (33)

            A-35                Correspondence, September-December 1862 (43)

            A-36                Correspondence, January-April 1863 (29)


3          A-37                Correspondence, May-August 1863 (41)

            A-38                Correspondence, September-December 1863 (24)

            A-39                Correspondence, January-April 1864 (42)

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 12                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    General Correspondence, 1831-1886

3          A-40                Correspondence, May-August 1864 (26)

            A-41                Correspondence, September-December 1864 (27)

            A-42                Correspondence, January-April 1865 (29)

            A-43                Correspondence, May-August 1865 (17)

            A-44                Correspondence, September-December 1865 (29)

            A-45                Correspondence, January-April 1866 (52)

            A-46                Correspondence, May-August 1866 (27)

            A-47                Correspondence, September-December 1866 (45)

            A-48                Correspondence, January 1867 (38)

            A-49                Correspondence, February-March 1867 (28)

            A-50                Correspondence, April-August 1867 (31)

            A-51                Correspondence, September-December 1867 (41)

            A-52                Correspondence, January-February 1868 (24)

            A-53                Correspondence, March-December 1868 (23)

            A-54                Correspondence, January-June 1869 (35)


4          A-55                Correspondence, July-December 1869 (26)

            A-56                Correspondence, 1870 (49)

            A-57                Correspondence, 1871 (48)

            A-58                Correspondence, January 1872 (16)

            A-59                Correspondence, February 1-25, 1872 (41)

            A-60                Correspondence, February 26-29, 1872 (28)

            A-61                Correspondence, March 1-15, 1872 (57)

            A-62                Correspondence, March 16-31, 1872 (27)

            A-63                Correspondence, April 1-15, 1872 (61)

            A-64                Correspondence, April 15-30, 1872 (61)

            A-65                Correspondence, May-July 1872 (44)

            A-66                Correspondence, August-October 1872 (27)

            A-67                Correspondence, November-December 1872 (46)

            A-68                Correspondence, January-April 1873 (28)

            A-69                Correspondence, May-August 1873 (28)

            A-70                Correspondence, September-December 1873 (44)

            A-71                Correspondence, January-June 1874 (37)


5          A-72                Correspondence, July-December 1874 (45)

            A-73                Correspondence, January-June 1875 (43)

            A-74                Correspondence, July-December 1875 (19)

            A-75                Correspondence, January-June 1876 (20)

            A-76                Correspondence, July-December 1876 (37)

            A-77                Correspondence, January-June 1877 (60)

            A-78                Correspondence, July- December 1877 (18)

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 13                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    General Correspondence, 1831-1886

5          A-79                Correspondence, 1878 (27)

            A-80                Correspondence, January-May 1879 (55)

            A-81                Correspondence, June-October 1879 (42)

            A-82                Correspondence, November 1-15, 1879 (55)

            A-83                Correspondence, November 16-30, 1879 (33)

            A-84                Correspondence, December 1879 (44)

            A-85                Correspondence, January-April 1880 (30)

            A-86                Correspondence, May 1880 (40)

            A-87                Correspondence, June-July 1880 (22)


6          A-88                Correspondence, August-December 1880 (31)

            A-89                Correspondence, January-March 1881 (48)

            A-90                Correspondence, April-August 1881 (60)

            A-91                Correspondence, September-December 1881 (48)

            A-92                Correspondence, January-April 1882 (73)

            A-93                Correspondence, May-August 1882 (49)

            A-94                Correspondence, September-December 1882 (21)

            A-95                Correspondence, January-April 1883 (43)

            A-96                Correspondence, May-July 1883 (71)

            A-97                Correspondence, August-October 1883 (60)

            A-98                Correspondence, November-December 1883 (35)

            A-99                Correspondence, January-March 1884 (51)

            A-100              Correspondence, April-September 1884 (44)

            A-101              Correspondence, October-December 1884 (41)


7          A-102              Correspondence, January-June 1885 (43)

            A-103              Correspondence, July-December 1885 (56)

            A-104              Correspondence, 1886 (21)

            A-105              Correspondence, No Date (65)


                                    Abraham Lincoln Letters and Documents, 1846-1865

                                    [Filed with Abraham Lincoln Papers]


                                    Correspondence and Other Papers Concerning the Estate of Abraham                                             Lincoln, 1860-1872

            A-106              Abraham Lincoln Estate Papers (47) [Originals inLincoln Collection]

            A-107              Abraham Lincoln Estate Papers (76) [Originals inLincoln Collection]


                                    Mary Todd Lincoln Letters, 1861-1878

            A-108              Letters to David Davis, 1861-1878 (32) [Originals inLincoln Collection]



                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 14                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    Robert Todd Lincoln Letters, 1865-1883

7          A-109              Letters to David Davis, 1865-1883 (60) [Originals inLincoln Collection]


                                    Correspondence with Sarah Walker Davis, 1841-1879

            B-1                  Correspondence, 1841-1846 (3)

            B-2                  Correspondence, January-August 1847 (18)

            B-3                  Correspondence, September-December 1847 (20)

            B-4                  Correspondence, January-April 1848 (20)

            B-5                  Correspondence, May-June 1848 (16)

            B-6                  Correspondence, July-December 1848 (17)

            B-7                  Correspondence, 1849-1850 (30)

            B-8                  Correspondence, 1851 (36)


8          B-9                  Correspondence, 1852 (21)

            B-10                Correspondence, 1853 (22)

*          B-11                Correspondence, 1854-1859 (5)

*          B-12                Correspondence, 1860 (27)

            B-13                Correspondence, 1861 (32)

            B-14                Correspondence, January-March 1862 (23)

            B-15                Correspondence, April-December 1862 (18)

            B-16                Correspondence, 1863 (35)

            B-17                Correspondence, 1864-1866 (21)

            B-18                Correspondence, January-April 1867 (24)

            B-19                Correspondence, May-December 1867 (23)

            B-20                Correspondence, January-February 1868 (38)

            B-21                Correspondence, March-December 1868 (18)

            B-22                Correspondence, 1869-1871 (34)

            B-23                Correspondence, January-March 1872 (24)

            B-24                Correspondence, April-December 1872 (15)                                                 

9          B-25                Correspondence, 1873 (24)

            B-26                Correspondence, January-April 1874 (26)

            B-27                Correspondence, May-December 1874 (19)

            B-28                Correspondence, 1875-1876 (24)

            B-29                Correspondence, 1879 (45)


                                    Correspondence with Adeline Burr Davis, 1879-1883

            B-30                Correspondence, 1879-1883 (33)



10        (BV)                “Davis Family Letters: A Selection from the Davis Collection of the Illinois                                     State Historical Library, [1868-1876]” [typed transcripts]


                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 15                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    Business Correspondence, 1836-1886

10        C-1                  Correspondence, 1836-1839 (25)

            C-2                  Correspondence, 1840-1842 (79)                                                      

            C-3                  Correspondence, 1843-1844 (56)

            C-4                  Correspondence, 1845-1846 (69)

            C-5                  Correspondence, January-March 1847 (97)

            C-6                  Correspondence, April-June 1847

            C-7                  Correspondence, July-September 1847

            C-8                  Correspondence, October-December 1847


11        C-9                  Correspondence, January-April 1848

            C-10                Correspondence, May-August 1848

            C-11                Correspondence, September-December 1848

            C-12                Correspondence, January-June 1849

            C-13                Correspondence, July-December 1849

            C-14                Correspondence, January-February 1850

            C-15                Correspondence, March-December 1850

            C-16                Correspondence, January-May 1851

            C-17                Correspondence, June-December 1851


12        C-18                Correspondence, January-June 1852

            C-19                Correspondence, July-December 1852

            C-20                Correspondence, January-July 1853

            C-21                Correspondence, August-December 1853

            C-22                Correspondence, 1854

            C-23                Correspondence, 1855

            C-24                Correspondence, 1856

            C-25                Correspondence, 1857

            C-26                Correspondence, 1858-1859

            C-27                Correspondence, 1860-1862


13        C-28                Correspondence, 1863-1864

            C-29                Correspondence, 1865-1866

            C-30                Correspondence, 1867-1869

            C-31                Correspondence, 1870-1873

            C-32                Correspondence, 1874-1879

            C-33                Correspondence, 1880-1882

            C-34                Correspondence, 1883

            C-35                Correspondence, 1884

            C-36                Correspondence, 1885

            C-37                Correspondence, 1886


                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 16                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    Financial Papers, 1816-1887

14        D-1                  Financial Papers, 1816-1834

            D-2                  Financial Papers, 1835-1836

            D-3                  Financial Papers, 1837

            D-4                  Financial Papers, 1838

            D-5                  Financial Papers, January-June 1839

            D-6                  Financial Papers, August-December 1839

            D-7                  Financial Papers, January-April 1840

            D-8                  Financial Papers, May-December 1840

            D-9                  Financial Papers, January-June 1841


15        D-10                Financial Papers, July-December 1841

            D-11                Financial Papers, January-June 1842

            D-12                Financial Papers, July-December 1842

            D-13                Financial Papers, 1843

            D-14                Financial Papers, January-July 1844

            D-15                Financial Papers, August-December 1844

            D-16                Financial Papers, January-July 1845

            D-17                Financial Papers, August-December 1845

            D-18                Financial Papers, January-June 1846

            D-19                Financial Papers, July-December 1846

            D-20                Financial Papers, January-June 1847

            D-21                Financial Papers, July-December 1847


16        D-22                Financial Papers, 1848

            D-23                Financial Papers, January-June 1849

            D-24                Financial Papers, July-December 1849

            D-25                Financial Papers, 1850

            D-26                Financial Papers, 1851                                               

            D-27                Financial Papers, 1852-1853

            D-28                Financial Papers, 1854-1855

            D-29                Financial Papers, 1856-1857

            D-30                Financial Papers, 1858-1859

            D-31                Financial Papers, 1860-1862

            D-32                Financial Papers, 1863-1864


17        D-33                Financial Papers, 1865

            D-34                Financial Papers, 1866-1867

            D-35                Financial Papers, 1868

            D-36                Financial Papers, 1869

            D-37                Financial Papers, 1870

            D-38                Financial Papers, 1871-1872

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 17                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    Financial Papers, 1816-1887

17        D-39                Financial Papers, 1873-1874

            D-40                Financial Papers, 1875


18        D-41                Financial Papers, 1876-1877

            D-42                Financial Papers, 1878-1879

            D-43                Financial Papers, 1880-1881

            D-44                Financial Papers, 1882-1883

            D-45                Financial Papers, 1884-1885

            D-46                Financial Papers, 1886

            D-47                Financial Papers, No Date

            D-48                Financial Papers, No Date


19        D-49                Real Estate: Plats, Abstracts, and Memoranda, 1832-1886

            D-50-52           Real Estate: Plats, Abstracts, and Memoranda, No Date

            D-53                Account with Turner and Bond, 1882-1883

            D-54                Account with Turner and Bond, 1884

            D-55                Account with Turner and Bond, 1885

            D-56                Account with Turner and Bond, January-July 1886

            D-57                Account and Memoranda Books, 1845-1863

            D-58                Account and Memoranda Books, 1863-1867

            D-59                Account and Memoranda Books, 1868-1870

            D-60                Account and Memoranda Books, 1869

            D-61                Account and Memoranda Books, 1873-1884


20        D-62                Account and Memoranda Books, 1885-1886

            D-63                Bank Books [National Bank ofBloomington], 1863-1871

            D-64                Bank Books [National Bank ofBloomington], 1871-1876

            D-65                Bank Books [National Bank ofBloomington], 1874-1877

            D-66                Bank Books [National Bank ofBloomington], 1876-1885

            D-67                Bank Books [National Bank ofBloomington], 1881-1887

            D-68                Check Stubs, 1862-1869

            D-69                Check Stubs, 1870-1874

            D-70                Check Stubs, 1875-1880

            D-71                Check Stubs, 1881-1884

            D-72                Check Stubs, 1885-1886


21        D-73                Cancelled Checks, 1848-1865

            D-74                Cancelled Checks, 1866-1885

            D-75                Cancelled Checks, 1886



                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 18                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    Legal Papers, 1830-1886

21        E-1                  Court Dockets, 1838

            E-2                  Court Dockets, 1841-1847

            E-3                  Eighth Judicial Circuit [Court], 1849-1854 (78)

            E-4                  Eighth Judicial Circuit [Court] 1855-1859 (41)

            E-5                  Eighth Judicial Circuit [Court], 1860-1861 (39)

            E-6                  U.S. Supreme Court, 1864-1869 (25)

            E-7                  U.S. Supreme Court, 1870-1871 (35)


22        E-8                  U.S. Supreme Court, 1872-1873 (23)

            E-9                  U.S. Supreme Court, 1874 (13)

            E-10                U.S. Supreme Court, 1876-1884

            E-11                Legal Papers, 1830-1835

            E-12                Legal Papers, 1836-1837

            E-13                Legal Papers, 1838-1839

            E-14                Legal Papers, 1840

            E-15                Legal Papers, 1841

            E-16                Legal Papers, 1842

            E-17                Legal Papers, 1843


23        E-18                Legal Papers, 1844-1845

            E-19                Legal Papers, 1846-1847

            E-20                Legal Papers, 1848-1849

            E-21                Legal Papers, 1850-1851

            E-22                Legal Papers, 1852-1853

            E-23                Legal Papers, 1854-1855

            E-24                Legal Papers, 1856

            E-25                Legal Papers, 1857

            E-26                Legal Papers, 1858                                                     


24        E-27                Legal Papers, 1859

            E-28                Legal Papers, 1860-1862

            E-29                Legal Papers, 1863-1864

            E-30                Legal Papers, 1865-1866

            E-31                Legal Papers, 1867-1869

            E-32                Legal Papers, 1870-1872

            E-33                Legal Papers, 1873

            E-34                Legal Papers, 1874-1875

            E-35                Legal Papers, 1876-1879

            E-36                Legal Papers, 1880

            E-37                Legal Papers, 1881-1882

            E-38                Legal Papers, 1883-1884

            E-39                Legal Papers, 1885

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 19                                                                 Container List


Series I: David Davis Papers


Box     Folder

                                    Legal Papers, 1830-1886

25        E-40                Legal Papers, 1886

            E-41-43           Legal Papers, No Date


                                    Speeches and Addresses, 1832-1886

            F-1                   Speeches, 1832-1879 (10)

            F-2                   Speeches, 1800-1886 (12)


                                    Newspaper Clippings, 1855-1886

*          F-3                   Newspaper Clippings, 1855-1869 (20)

            F-4                   Newspaper Clippings, 1870-1879 (38)

            F-5                   Newspaper Clippings, 1880-1886 (44)

            F-6                   Newspaper Clippings, No Date (61)


                                    Miscellaneous Papers, 1832-1886

26        F-7                   Miscellaneous Papers, 1832-1859 (20)

            F-8                   Miscellaneous Papers, 1860-1875 (29)

            F-9                   Miscellaneous Papers, 1876-1879 (24)

            F-10                 Miscellaneous Papers, 1880-1886 (24)

            F-11-14           Miscellaneous Papers, No Date

            F-14 A             Clover Lawn (Mansion) – Architect’s Plans, 1870 [photographs of blueprints]


                                    Bound Volumes, 1838-1886

Oversize BV 1                        Ledger:Davis andColton Note Book, 1838-1839

Oversize BV 2                        Ledger:Davis andColton Note Book, 1838-1842

Oversize BV 3                        Ledger: [Notes on law cases; Abstracts of Law Texts; Expenses of Davis                                          andColton; and Memoranda], 1838-1844 [1853]

Oversize BV 4                        Ledger: Inventory of the Effects ofDavis andColton, 1845

Oversize BV 5                        Cash Book, 1845-1856

Oversize BV 6                        Notebook [Law], No Date

Oversize BV 7                        Scrapbook: Cases in the Federal Courts of Illinois and Indiana [Newspaper                                       Clippings], 1864-1866

Oversize BV 8                        Memoranda Book, ca. 1873-1877

Oversize BV 9                        Memoranda Book, ca. 1878-1883

Oversize BV 10          Scrapbook [Obituaries of Sarah Walker Davis], 1879

Oversize BV 11          Scrapbook [Copies of Telegrams of Condolence Received after Death of                                        David Davis], 1886

Oversize BV 12          Record of Commissioners – Department of the West, 1861-1862

Oversize BV 13          Index to Record of Commissioners – Department of the West, 1861-1862


                                    Sarah Walker Davis (Mrs. David) Correspondence, 1838-1879

*26      G-1                  Correspondence, 1838-1846 (31)

*          G-2                  Correspondence, 1847 (22)

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 20                                                                 Container List


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1943


Box     Folder

                                    Sarah Walker Davis (Mrs. David) Correspondence, 1838-1879

*27      G-3                  Correspondence, 1848-1849 (48)

*          G-4                  Correspondence, 1850-1852 (43)

*          G-5                  Correspondence, 1853-1856 (40)

*          G-6                  Correspondence, 1857-1859 (60)

*          G-7                  Correspondence, 1860-1861 (56)

*          G-8                  Correspondence, 1862-1863 (60)

*          G-9                  Correspondence, 1864-1866 (29)

*          G-10                Correspondence, 1867-1869 (29)

*          G-11                Correspondence, 1870-1875 (23)

*          G-12                Correspondence, 1876-1879 (68)


                                    Adeline Burr Davis (Mrs. David) Correspondence, 1883-1913

*          G-13                Correspondence, 1883-1913 (41)


                                    George Perrin Davis Correspondence, 1853-1916

*          H-1                  Correspondence, 1853-1858 (65)

*          H-2                  Correspondence, 1859 (54)


*28      H-3                  Correspondence, 1860-1861 (51)

*          H-4                  Correspondence, 1862-1863 (59)

*          H-5                  Correspondence, 1864 (67)

*          H-6                  Correspondence, 1865-1867 (64)

*          H-7                  Correspondence, 1868 (85)

*          H-8                  Correspondence, 1869 (57)

*          H-9                  Correspondence, 1870-1874 (64)

*          H-10                Correspondence, 1875-1879 (76)

*          H-11                Correspondence, 1880-1881 (53)

*          H-12                Correspondence, 1882-1885 (104)

*          H-13                Correspondence, January-June 1886 (148)


*29      H-14                Correspondence, July-December 1886 (56)

*          H-15                Correspondence, 1887 (122)

*          H-16                Correspondence, 1888 (136)

*          H-17                Correspondence, 1889 (153)

*          H-18                Correspondence, January-June 1890 (117)

            H-19                Correspondence, July-December 1890 (105)

            H-20                Correspondence, 1891 (122)

            H-21                Correspondence, 1892 (137)

            H-22                Correspondence, 1893 (89)

            H-23                Correspondence, 1894-1899 (66)

            H-24                Correspondence, 1900-1903 (65)

            H-25                Correspondence, 1904-1909 (80)

                                                David Davis and Family                                             Page 21                                                                 Container List


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1943


Box     Folder

                                    George Perrin Davis Correspondence, 1853-1916

30        H-26                Correspondence, 1910-1916 (21)

            H-27                Correspondence, No Date (75)


                                    Financial Papers, 1856-1917:

            I-1                   Financial Papers, 1856-1869

            I-2                   Financial Papers, 1870-1873

            I-3                   Financial Papers, 1874-1877

            I-4                   Financial Papers, 1878-1879

            I-5                   Financial Papers, 1880-1883


31        I-6                   Financial Papers, 1884-1886

            I-7                   Financial Papers, 1887-1889

            I-8                   Financial Papers, 1890-1897

            I-9                   Financial Papers, 1898

            I-10-11                        Financial Papers, 1899

            I-12-13                        Financial Papers, 1900

            I-14                 Financial Papers, 1901


32        I-15                 Financial Papers, 1901

            I-16-17                        Financial Papers, 1902

            I-18-20                        Financial Papers, 1903                                   

            I-21                 Financial Papers, 1904


33        I-22-23                        Financial Papers, 1904

            I-24-26                        Financial Papers, 1905

            I-27-29                        Financial Papers, 1906


34        I-30-32                        Financial Papers, 1907

            I-33-34                        Financial Papers, 1908

            I-35                 Financial Papers, 1909


35        I-36-37                        Financial Papers, 1909

            I-38-39                        Financial Papers, 1910

            I-40                 Financial Papers, 1911

            I-41                 Financial Papers, 1911-1917

            I-42                 Financial Papers, No Date

            I-43                 Account with Turner and Bond, August-December 1886                             I-44                 Account with Turner and Bond, January-June 1887


36        I-45                 Account with Turner and Bond, July-December 1887

            I-46                 Account with Turner and Bond, January-June 1888

            I-47                 Account with Turner and Bond, July-December 1888

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 22                                                                 Container List


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1943


Box     Folder

                                    Financial Papers, 1816-1887

36        I-48                 Account with Turner and Bond, January-June 1889

            I-49                 Account with Turner and Bond, July-December 1889

            I-50                 Account with Turner and Bond, January-June 1890

            I-51                 Account with Turner and Bond, July-December 1890

            I-52                 Account with Turner and Bond, January-June 1891

            I-53                 Account with Turner and Bond, July-December 1891

            I-54                 Account with Turner and Bond, January-June 1892


37        I-55                 Account with Turner and Bond, July-December 1892

            I-56                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1893

            I-57                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1894

            I-58                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1895

            I-59                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1896

            I-60                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1897

            I-61                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1898

            I-62                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1899

            I-63                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1900

            I-64                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1901

            I-65                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1902-1903


38        I-66                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1904-1905

            I-67                 Account with William Bond and Company, 1906-1907

            I-68                 Account and Memoranda Books, 1856-1860 (3)

            I-69                 Account and Memoranda Books, 1864-1870 (3)

            I-70                 Account and Memoranda Books, 1869-1879 (3)

            I-71                 Account and Memoranda Books, 1871-1895 (3)

            I-72                 Account and Memoranda Books, No Date (3)

            I-73                 Bank Books, 1867-1882 (3)

            I-74                 Bank Books, 1876-1894 (3)

            I-75                 Bank Books, 1888-1905 (2)


                                    Legal Papers, 1865-1912

            J-1                   Legal Papers, 1865-1885

            J-2                   Legal Papers, 1886-1889

            J-3                   Legal Papers, 1890-1899


39        J-4                   Legal Papers, 1900-1902

            J-5                   Legal Papers, 1903

            J-6                   Legal Papers, 1904-1912


                                    Miscellaneous Papers, 1858-1917:

            K-1                  Miscellaneous Papers, 1858-1869

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 23                                                                 Container List


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1943


Box     Folder

                                    Miscellaneous Papers, 1858-1917

39        K-2                  Miscellaneous Papers, 1870-1917

            K-3-5               Miscellaneous Papers, No Date


40        K-6                  Miscellaneous Papers, No Date


                                    Bound Volumes, 1861-1917:

Oversize BV 14          Account Book [Accounts While a Student atBeloitCollege], 1861-1862

Oversize BV 15          Law School Notebook, 1865

Oversize BV 16-17     Law School Notebook, 1866                                                             

Oversize BV 18          Law School Notebook, 1866-1867

Oversize BV 19          Ledger [Accounts with Tenants and Agents], 1867-1881

Oversize BV 20          Ledger [Farm Accounts], 1879-1883

Oversize BV 21          Ledger [Accounts with Servants], 1885-1917

Oversize BV 22          Scrapbook [Mounted Bills and Accounts], 1885-1891


                                    Ella Hanna Davis (Mrs. George Perrin) Correspondence, 1868-1897

            L-1                  Correspondence, 1868-1869 (62)

            L-2                  Correspondence, 1870-1897 (17)

            L-3                  Correspondence, No Date (38)


                                    Sarah Davis Swayne Lilliard (Mrs. John T.)Correspondence, 1860-1883

            M-1                 Correspondence, 1860-1864 (30)

            M-2                 Correspondence, 1865-1869 (36)

            M-3                 Correspondence, 1870-1883 (37)


                                    Davis Family, 1867-1953

            N-1                  Correspondence, 1867-1899 (49)

            N-2                  Correspondence, 1900-1953 (78)

            N-3                  Bank Books, 1887-1906

            N-4                  Miscellaneous Papers


41        N-5-6               Miscellaneous Papers


                                    Betts (Lyman W.) and Davis, 1869-1875

Oversize BV 23          Ledger [Livestock]: Betts and Davis [Bloomington, Illinois] 1869-1875


                                    Hanna (William H.) and Scott (John M.), 1835-1878

41        O-1                  Business Correspondence, 1835-1863

            O-2                  Business Correspondence, 1864-1865

            O-3                  Business Correspondence, 1866

            O-4                  Business Correspondence, 1867-1878

            O-5                  Account Book, December 1855-April 1857

                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 24                                                                 Container List


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1943


Box     Folder

                                    Hanna (William H.) and Scott (John M.), 1835-1878

41        O-6                  Bank Books, 1855-1866

            O-7                  Court Docket, 1857


                                    Hanna (William H.) and Company

Oversize BV 24          Ledger: Hanna (William H.) and Company [Bloomington, Illinois], 1887-                                          1889


                                    William Ward Orme

Oversize BV 25          Scrapbook: William Ward Orme, 1851-1853


                                    Peter Smith

Oversize BV 26          Surveyor’s Notebook: Peter Smith, No Date


                                    Leonard Swett

41        O-8                  Correspondence, 1856-1861 (74)

            O-9                  Correspondence, 1862-1886 (96)


42        O-10                Miscellaneous Papers, 1849-1863 (13)


                                    Swett (Leonard) and Orme (William Ward)

            O-11                Business Correspondence, 1859-1866 (60)


                                    Miscellaneous Persons Letters, 1820-1920

            O-12                Letters, 1820-1840 (56)

            O-13                Letters, 1841-1845 (29)

            O-14                Letters, 1846-1850 (57)

*          O-15                Letters, 1851-1865 (86)

            O-16                Letters, 1866-1874 (53)


42 ½    O-17                Letters, 1875-1884 (95)

            O-18                Letters, 1885-1886 (74)

            O-19                Letters, 1887-1920 (112)


Oversize BV 27          Unidentified Ledger [Survey Notebook?], No Date


                                    George Perrin Davis

Oversize BV 1                        Accounts/Journal, January 1885-January 1895

Oversize BV 2                        [George P. Davis] Ledger, 1891-1894

Oversize BV 3                        [David] Davis Subdivision and Addition –Lot Purchase Accounts, 1873-1893

Oversize BV 4                        [George P.] Davis and [E.H.] Hyneman – Farm Accounts, 1888-1899

Oversize BV 5                        Davis and Hyneman – Farm Accounts, 1890-1894 and 1897-1899


                                                            David Davis and Family                                             Page 25                                                                 Container List


Series II: Davis Family Papers, 1816-1943


Box     Folder

                                    David Davis

**Oversize MS 1        Illinois Wesleyan University {Bloomington, Illinois) – Honorary Doctor of                                        Laws Degree, July 1, 1864


                                    Clover Lawn (David Davis Mansion) – Original Architect’s Plans, 1870:

**Oversize MS 2        Front Elevation

**Oversize MS 3        Rear Elevation

**Oversize MS 4        West Side Elevation

**Oversize MS 5        East Elevation

**Oversize MS 6        Basement Story – A.H. Piquenard, Architect

**Oversize MS 7        First Story Plan

**Oversize MS 8        Second Story Plan – A.H. Piquenard, Architect

**Oversize MS 9        First Story Framing Plan

**Oversize MS 10      Second Story Framing Plan

**Oversize MS 11      Longitudinal Section


**Use photographs (see Miscellaneous Papers, 1832-1886)

* On Microfilm


                                    George P. Davis:

                                    Residence (Bloomington, Illinois) Plans – A.H. Piquenard, Architect,                                                Springfield,Illinois:


Oversize MS 12          [Cover Sheet]

Oversize MS 13          Front Elevation

Oversize MS 14          Principal Story

Oversize MS 15          Second Story

Oversize MS 16          Longitudinal Section

Oversize MS 17          Side Elevation

Oversize MS 18          Basement Story

Oversize MS 19          First Story Framing Plan

Oversize MS 20          Second Story Framing Plan

Oversize MS 21          Attic Story and Roof Plan

Oversize MS 22          Preliminary Drawing – Front Elevation and Second Story

Oversize MS 23          Preliminary Drawing –Main Story and Basement


“David Davis Family Papers, 1816-1953,” Chronicling Illinois, accessed April 19, 2018, http://alplm-cdi.com/chroniclingillinois/items/show/165.