J. W. Shaffer to Richard Yates


J. W. Shaffer to Richard Yates


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J. W. Shaffer

Strictly Private

St Louis July 30 1861

Dear Gov.

I have for some time been thinking the matter over in regard to the position I have taken under Pope and I have serious apprehensions that it may not prove pleasant One thing I must do that is sustain myself at Home and I believe I can do that better in some other position I wish you would not make any appointment for Lieut Col in Smiths Regiment but appoint the Col & Maj and say to all that ask about it that the place is promised and will be made known in proper time. Smith can get the Regiment together

and drill it for awhile and in the mean time I will discharge my present duties & thoroughly prepare my self to discharge the duties of Lieut Col. this matter I wish you to think over and if you feel that you can do what I ask let me know but say nothing to any other mortal. As I am arranging for some tall [opperations?] in our corner and I want you to help me all you can consistently. I know from what I have learned of Popes disposition that he & I will not get along, for by God no man living can ride rough shod over me and I understand he is

in the habit of doing that with everybody that is under him. I will do my duty but I must receive Gentlemanly treatment from my superior officer or there will be a fuss certain, this matter I have thought over seriously for some time and I am satisfied that a position of that kind would be better for me in every respect and as far as [discharge?] the duties are concerned I know I can do that by proper application.

As I said befor if you can do this for me keep it quiet untill the Regiment are all got together which

I suppose will take a month in the mean time I will see Gen Smith I feel sure would be glad of the arrangement and if he should ask why you did not make the appointment you could tell him confidentially but let no one about the State House know anything about it

In Haste your friend

J. W. Shaffer

the mail is closed and I will trust this with conductor




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