F. Harding to Richard Yates


F. Harding to Richard Yates


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Camp Long July 7th /61.

To His Excellency Gov Yates

Dear Sir

Your letter of the 26th came duly to hand. I have delayed answering it until now for the reason that you was not in Springfield. the Newspaper articles that appeared in the Democrat of this City (To which you refer) two weeks ago today, I am in no wise responsible for. I had not seen the article until after the receipt of your letter. I have not at any time held any conversation with Mr. Wentworth by which he could derive the basis for any article in the least disrespectful to you. On the receipt of your letter I took it with the Paper containing the article to my Friends for advice, particularly to Mr C. B. Farwell and Mr M. Castle (who happened to be in the City at the time) and they at once

pronounced it to be an underhanded blow to prevent my receiving the appointment of Major, because I have always been Wentworths political opponent and friendly to the other wing of the Republican party. The reason why I did not go to Mr Wentworth for a correction of the article was by the advice of my Friends not to do so for if I did the matter would be made worse. Mess Farwell and Castle promised me that they would take it upon themselves to explain the whole matter to you. Mr F expected to meet you in Washington and Mr Castle will also explain the whole matter to you on your return to Springfield. My friends on my return from Springfield were very anxious to know the result of my visit, My reply was the same to all and that I felt perfectly sure of the appointment of Major of the 19th Regiment and repeated to them your last words to me that also convinced them that my appointment was sure. I hope Sir that the explanation

of Mess Farwell and Castle (To whom I refer you) of this unfortunate matter and this letter will be satisfactory to you and also convincing proof that I was not the cause of the offensive article. I have always held you Sir in the highest esteem as a Gentleman and public officer for Sir you courtesies to me on all occasions has been such.

With great respect

I am your most obedient Servant

F Harding

Major 19th Regiment Ill Volunteers

Major F. Harding



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