L. R. Parson to Richard Yates


L. R. Parson to Richard Yates


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Illinois Institution for Deaf Mutes,

Jacksonville, June 3rd 1861

His Excellency Gov. Yates

A number of the lads of some of the first families here have formed themselves in to a a Millitary Co (Anderson Light Guard) & requested me to be their drill Master which I have consented to do. We have no arms suitable & will be greatly obliged if you will give us your influence to procure 1 case 20 Stand with accouterments of the carbines, a short piece similar to one which Quarter Master Dunlap bought here some time since, Something like a Musket but much shorter & bright, with a bayonet if possible, if not without & have them shipped immediately to me & I will see that good care is taken of them, & will give a bond if necessary. It seems to me that these times call for all, old & young to be ready for this country's service. I should have gone with the Jacksonville Volunteers in this, had my health been good, but will do all I can in drilling both men & lads for the service & have been drilling some of the companies at Camp Duncan when duties here at the Inst would permit. Allow me to make one suggestion which I hope will not be out of place, & which is not

intended to reflect on any one. The regament here does not drill enough in double quick time, or the [rain?] it could be done as well by troops of the line, as by the two flank Cos & may be of much service & cannot be injurious to the quick time, but rather help in that, & in case of action, any part of the line is overpowered, it can be supported much quicker & with less loss, & may even save a battle. The southern troops drill much in double quick I suspect & as we wish to meet them prepared allow me to say we must have the double quick it can be done in Scotts Heavy drill as well as in the light & of course prevents the necessity of having so many cavelry companies (with the expense & no horse to see to) as the European souldiers some times run 5 mile in 60 minutes! The present are Rail Road & Telagraph times; & it seems to me that we must be up to the times in our millitary evolutions to be efficient, I will through you to the proper Officers offer my services of course gratuitously (during vacation, & after if necessary) for I want no pay - to drill any of the companies here at Camp Duncan & shall be happy to do all I can to aid the glorious Cause of our country I formerly belonged to the Hartford Light Guard of Conn. under Gen Seymour than whom a better drill master is not in New England he being a graduate of the Millitary Academy & every inch a Soldier. Please answer soon as convenient

Your Obt servant

L R Parsons

Clerk Inst for

the Deaf & Dumb



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