John W. Prpctor to Richard Yates


John W. Prpctor to Richard Yates


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Lewistown Ills. Feby 4/64

Hon. R Yates.

Springfield Ill.

Dear Sir. I write you at this time to call to your notice a matter of great interest to the Union Men of this region, at this time. It is in regard to the appointment of S. F. Ross, again, as Brigadier General. I need not say to you, who have known him so long and so well, that he is a noble, thorough Union man. -- without any conditions, and whose heart is in the cause, but it might not be amiss for me to state to you that his resignation before, was unavoidable. Any one who has been acquainted with his domestic trials and affictions, will only wonder that he did not resign before he did. But now he is in a condition to go into the service again

He has closed up his business satisfactorily. his wife is dead, and son in lunatic asylum. Is it any wonder that he had to give up the service with these trials upon him. But we urge this matter because we believe he is the man for the place in every respect. and if this is so, and if he has proved himself above party in this struggle, should we not use our influence to get him his old position.

If necessary, I can send you the earnest petition of every Union Man in our County for this appointment.

Pardon me for the freedom I have exhibited in thus writing to you, but our long acquaintance, and the fact that among your many friends, I have been privileged to aid in some small degree to sustain you when before our people,has emboldened me.

I need not mention Genl

Ross's antecedents. You know he was a democrat before the War, but I might say that all the cajoling of his former political friends, has failed to move him an inch.

Hoping you may see your way clear to do something in this matter I remain

Yours Truly

John W Proctor

Proctor John W

Lewistown Feby 4 1864,

Wishes Governor to use his influence to secure the appointment of S F Ross as Brig General again -

Write him that I gave Ross a very strong letter - & will do everything &c

Also furnish to Gen Ross copy of the letter we sent to him - as he did not get it

Feb 9th 64

Acknowledged recpt & sent him copy of letter recommending Col. Ross for promotion


Executive Office Feby 6 64



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