Even before the advent of modern communications, important information spread around the world with increasing speed. Three months after Lincoln's assassination, news had spread as far away as Melbourne, Australia, and prompted the creation of a meeting of the Council of the City of Melbourne, which decided to send a letter of condolence to the United States as a way of sympathizing with the untimely death of the president, stating that the United States' citizens had suffered "the incalculable loss of so great and good a citizen, councillor, and ruler."

In 2015, Robert Doyle, Mayor of Melbourne, echoes these sentiments and wishes to express his belief that Abraham Lincoln's messages of equality, freedom, and democracy are held in high regard by the citizens of Melbourne. As Melbourne is home to people from a vast number of cultures and a wide variety of different faiths, Doyle indicates that Lincoln's message has helped Australia realize its true potential as a tolerant and accepting country.