The success of Abraham Lincoln in maintaining diplomatic relations with Britain in spite of the increasingly difficult nature of political and military dealings between both nations during the Civil War was an impressive feat. Even more impressive was Lincoln's ability to reestablish the unity of the United States and create the framework for a more regulated and more cohesive reimagining of the nation, one that worked towards ever-increasing amounts of freedom for its citizens.

This sentiment is shared by Jim Todd, Provost of East Ayrshire Council in Kilmarnock, Scotland, who states in this 2015 letter that "no American President has ever had to face a greater crisis than he had, in terms of preserving the unity of the United States of America in dealing with the invidious disease of slavery, and no President has accomplished so much in successfully meeting those challenges."

Admiration for Lincoln's achievements within Kilmarnock is not limited to the present day, as the 1865 Resolutions of the Provost, Magistrates, and Council of Kilmarnock demonstrate. Within this letter, the Council proclaims their grief at learning of the assassination of President Lincoln, stating that they sympathize with Lincoln's remaining family. The Council also believes that Lincoln's success in maintaining relations with the United Kingdom during the Civil War "[endears] his name and memory to the people of this Country."