The relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is one that has only grown stronger with time. As the distance between the American Revolutionary War and the time of trouble which the United States found itself in during the Civil War was nearing a century, both Great Britain and the United States were able to put their past quarrels aside and commiserate over the loss of President Lincoln. This cooperative relationship is mentioned by the Council of the Borough of Hertford as it recalls the "friendly feelings invariably displayed by the late President Lincoln towards this Country."


The 2015 letter of Nina L. Villa, Town Clerk of Hertford, further indicates the growth and expansion of this relationship. In her eyes and the eyes of the town of Hertford, this can be best seen in the goal of two Hertford citizens dedicated to travelling across the United States and visiting every town named either Hertford or Hartford in the United States, in order to share the history of Hertford with their citizens.