The 1865 letter of condolence received by the United States from Carlisle indicates the town's sense of horror and sorrow at the assassination of President Lincoln. To this end, the Mayor of Carlisle called a meeting to present these concerns, stating that the people of the United States, in losing President Lincoln to an assassin's bullet, were "deprived at a critical moment of their career of a wise human and Noble Ruler." The term "Noble Ruler" speaks to Lincoln's strong sense of morality and justice while also drawing attention to his firm understanding of the necessity of urgency and decisiveness in times of crisis.

Steven Bowditch, mayor of Carlisle in 2015, compares the suffering of the citizens of the United States to the suffering of the citizens of Carlisle in their own struggle with murderers in the area around the Scottish border. The Reivers were a group of lawless families using fear and terror to control this area from the twelfth to the eighteenth centuries and are the root of the word "bereaved" due to their ability to cause sadness and pain in the families of those they murdered.