D. Guy Clarke's 2015 letter on behalf of the Cardiff Business Club reflects on the accomplishments of President Lincoln as do many other letters, though it also emphasizes the divided feelings of the British public and the British aristocracy on the legitimacy and morality of both the Confederacy and the Union forces and governments during the Civil War. The British public largely favored the Union cause due to its focus on equality and democratic values, while the British government recognized the importance of the Confederacy as a crucial supplier of cotton to British mills and as a valued customer for British goods and weapons.  As such, one might expect that any letters of sympathy coming from Great Britain regarding the death of President Lincoln, head of the Federal government, may not have been overwhelmingly heartfelt.

This was not the case, as can be seen in a combined statement of the merchants, brokers, and others within Cardiff, all of whom express their wholehearted sympathy regarding Lincoln's tragic death. Their statement extends the hope that the United States' "future progress will in no way be impeded by the great and irreparable loss it has sustained".