Oldroyd's The Siege of Vicksburg (1885)

Osborne H. Oldroyd (1842-1930) began his collection of Lincoln memorabilia in 1860. He read Lincoln's short autobiographical sketch in a campaign pamphlet in his Mt. Vernon, Ohio newsstand and was immediately taken with Lincoln's self-educated prose. Oldroyd never beheld Lincoln's face, but collected everything he could put his hands on associated with the 16th President. He married Springfield native Lida Stoneberger in 1873 and moved into the Lincoln home in 1883. He persuaded Robert Lincoln to donate the home to the State of Illinois in 1887 and left for Washington, D C. in 1893 at the invitation of its Memorial Association, residing in the Petersen house where Lincoln had died.

Oldroyd was a sergeant in the 20th Ohio Infantry, and his diary from the Vicksburg campaign later served as the basis for his A Soldier's Story of the Siege of Vicksburg. It was published in Springfield in 1885, and this copy belonged to Elon P. House, who resided at 9th and Capitol streets in Springfield. It includes a facsimile "Wallpaper edition" of the Vicksburg Daily Citizen, dated July 2, 1862. Tradition says that the newspaper continued to be printed until the fall of the city, by which time any available paper was used to keep beleaguered citizens informed.