Howell G. Trogden--the Hero at Vicksburg, May 22, 1863, poem written by W. J. Maskell. Trogden, a North Carolina native serving with the 8th Missouri Infantry, Company B, was captured by Confederates while carrying a dispatch for General William T. Sherman. After his release, he went on to fight at the Battle of Vicksburg. He was the only person from North Carolina to receive the Medal of Honor.



Orders by Gen. James B. McPherson to Gen. John Logan directing the 63rd Illinois and four companies of the 87th Illinois infantries to Vicksburg. Dated May 26, 1863.


CDV of James G. Fox, 114th Illinois Infantry, Company F.

Letter from Fox to his father from Blackriver, July 5, 1862: "They said that they could whip Yankes but thay dident want to fight any moor. Western troop's wee goot 9 major Generals and 6 Brigadiers. One of them is Lynclons Brother-in-law, General Tod, he is Cheif of Artillery...we are camped on the Banks of the river on Messengers plantation we are faring well at preasant we have taken posestion of 50 negro houses."


"Well, Vicksburg is not ours yet but hope it will be ere long. We are close to the fort General Logan has got to with in 8 yards of the fort. I think that he will get in the fort some of these days before long for I am tired of hereing the roar of canon and the hum of the shell and the pop of the muskets on the skirmishers lines."

Thomas Watson wrote this letter, dated June 1863, to his parents from a camp in the rear at Vicksburg. Watson served in the 93rd Illinois Infantry, Company D.

Letter from George P. Rex, surgeon with the 33rd Illinois Infantry. He is writing to Joshua Moore from the Hospital Rear at Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 4, 1863:

"I just feel as if the year of Jubilee had come...Vicksburg is ours after 46 days of fighting... the most important event of the war."



Below are color drawings by a "Comrade of B. F. Miller during the Siege of Vicksburg." Miller served in the 124th Illinois Infantry.

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Find out more about this color illustration.

Find out more about this color illustration.