W. L. Rand, originally from Canada, writes a letter to his cousin Eva on January 29, 1863. "We have been on the go ever since we left camp 'B'. We started from Memphis a few days after I wrote to you. We came down here to Vicksburg and were whipped and had to skedaddle."

Letter from W. L. Rand to his father, July 26, 1863: “John is no more he died on the morning of the 24th…he had chronic diahrea…I don’t think he was concious of approaching death... The Major and Hugh W. Hurst procured a metallic coffin but could not send him on account of transportation…We buried him at black river.”

W. L. Rand writes to his father on July 16, 1863: “We drove the rebel cavalry from the river into Jackson. We had one or two sharp skirmishes every day and only three men hurt.” (see letter)