C. R. Dickinson, a 22-year-old unmarried farmer form Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois, mustered in the 17th Illinois Infantry, Company G in 1861. He served 3 years.

George J. Gordon was 17 years old when he enlisted in the 77th Illinois Infantry, Company C. The Ohio-born farmer was from Smithfield, Illinois in Peoria County.

Corprol Lemuel O. Allred, 11th Illinois Cavalry, Company K, was an unmarried 18-year-old farmer from Monmouth, Warren County Illinois. He was originally from Iowa.

Philip Blind, 8th Illinois Infantry, Company K, was a Jewish soldier who transferred from Company B of the 17th Illinois Infantry. He was a cooper, enlisting from Peoria, Illinois. Blind died of disease on August 12, 1865. His age at enlistment was 18.

Milan C. Edson of the 63rd Illinois Infantry, Company D, was 23 when he enlisted from Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois.

Charles S. Graff served in the 4th Illinois Cavalry, Company I. From Earl, LaSalle County, Illinois, he was a 21-year-old, unmarried mechanic. Graff was discharged on September 16, 1863 when promoted to Captain in the 2nd West Tennessee.