Engraving: "Worship of the North" (#1 of 29)

Engraving: "Writing the Emancipation Proclamation" (#3 of 29)

These original engravings are included in a set of 29 pieces titled Confederate War Etchings, taken from sketches by Adalbert John Volck. Volck, born in Bavaria in 1828, studied art in his youth. He fled to the United States when sentenced to serve 4 years in the Bavarian army. Settling in Boston, he became a dental surgeon and was one of the first dentists to use porcelain fillings. During the Civil War, he became a Confederate sympathizer, and using the pseudonym "V. Blada," sketched a series of Civil War images that were printed in London in 1863. His artwork aimed particular scorn at Lincoln, among other Northern figures, but he later regretted his ridicule aimed "at that great and good Lincoln." His loyalty to the South persisted, however, even as he lived out his professional life in the Baltimore area as an artist and dentist. Only 100 sets of the engravings were published; this set, belonging to the Presidential Library, was donated by the Hon. Morton D. Hull, Member of Congress.