Poem "The Black Regiment" written by George H. Boker. Boker was a well-known poet, playwright, and diplomat from Philadelphia. He presided over the Union League and in 1864 published Poems of the War, a book of patriotic poetry.

"Now", the flag-sergeant cried,
"Though death and hell beside, 
Let the whole nation see
If we are fit to be
Free in this land; or bound
Down, like the whining hound-
Bound with red stripes of pain
In our old chains again!"
Oh! what a shout there went
From the black regiment!" 

Discharge papers of John Williams, 29th U. S. Colored Troops, Company F. Williams was born a slave in Stafford, Virginia.

To find a copy of Williams' entry in the "Company Descriptive Book," visit the the National Archives.