Demon of Andersonville, or the Trial of Wirz, German edition published in 1865.

Sketchbook by Frederick E. Ransom, who was in the 11th Illinois Infantry, Company E. He wrote the poem titled: "The Martyred Dead of Andersonville."


Memiors written in 1888 by Lewis Lake. In particular, look at pages 1, 28, and 29. "In the fall of 1863, under the call of President Lincoln...I enlisted, at the age of Co. "B" 1st Ill Lt Arty, better known both north and south as "Taylors Battery"...After taken prisoner and sent to Andersonville Prison, Lake writes: "[It was] built of hewn pine timbers about 8 inches a square set in the ground about 6 feet... with sentry boxes 50 feet apart... After name, rank, company...the search for trinkets, knives etc. was then completed... we were drawn up in double rank... The officer performing this duty, proved to be the notorious Capt. Wirz... many prisoners had cause to tremble at his approach."

Cabinet card: Lewis F. Lake.