Lithograph of Libby Prison, published by the Orcutt Litho. Co. Chicago

Libby Prison War Museum, removed from Richmond, Virginia, to Chicago in 1889. Now open for exhibition. Wabash Avenue, Between Fourteenth and Sixteenth Streets. Open daily, Sunday included, from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. Showing the old prison as it stood at the time of the war, and illustrating the wonderful escape of the Union prisoners by digging out through a tunnel, and the many interesting points of interest connected therewith. Also filled with thousands of Confederate and Federal relics of slavery and the civil war, such as Cannons, Portraits, Battle Scenes, Guns, Muskets, Pistols, Shot, Shells, Flags, Photographs, and Original Military Orders and Papers of all the prominent officers of both Confederate and Federal armies.