John Nelson Cromwell, Captain of the 47th Illinois Infantry, was captured at the Battle of Iuka on September 19, 1862. Just a week later, he was released, "paroled with full leave to return to his country on the following conditions, viz. that he will not take up arms again." However, Cromwell returned to his regiment and took part in the Battle of Cornith (October 3rd & 4th). On November 2, 1862, the 47th joined General Grant's expedition into Central Mississippi. On May 14, 1863, Cromwell participated in the battle to capture Jackson, Mississippi. A few days later, while checking on his troops, a group of rebel cavalrymen stopped him. He refused to surrender, tried to escape, and was killed in a hail of gunfire. Cromwell, a silver-plater by trade, left behind a widow in Peoria, Illinois.

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