Head Quarters, Department of Northern Virginia, 9th June 1862. Letter from Robert E. Lee, General Commanding, to George W. Randolph, 3rd Confederate Secretary of War. Lee is forwarding a letter to Randolph (who, incidentally, is a grandson of Thomas Jefferson and a descendant of Pocahontas):

"with reference to that part of the communication...which refers to the exchnge of prisoners, I respectfullly recommend that the necessary steps to be taken to effect it...I respectfully suggest that the previous experience of General H. Cobb makes him a suitable person...to arrange...a general exhcange on our part."

"the propositiion to supply the enemy's wounded in our hands with medical stores, cannot be entertained."

Engraving of General Robert E. Lee

CDV of George B. McClellan taken by C. D. Fredricks (of New York) of General George B. McClellan