Deruy Collection


Deruy Collection


Deruy, Lawrence, 1915-2001
World War (1939-1945)
United States. Army


Lawrence Deruy served in the United States Army 79th Infantry during World War II. As part of his service, Deruy served in Germany as part of the Allied forces occupation beginning in April 1945.

Images in this collection include images of former German barracks, Dachau concentration camp, German towns in the Bavarian region, and United States Army soldiers on duty.

Items in the Deruy Collection Collection

On verso: "AFN Broadcast from Largs Bay Club, Bamberg, Ger. Nov. 45. Linderman doing a tenor solo."

On verso: "Bavarian children peddling postcards near Hitler's home above Berchtesgaden, Ger. 16 Apr. 46. Jack Reid in picture."

Two men sit on a fence on the bank of the Regnitz River in Bamberg, Germany.On verso: "Pat & Mouldy. Bamberg, Ger. Spring 1946."

Several people ice skate on the frozen Regnitz River in Bamberg, Germany.On verso: "Krauts ice skating on the River. Bamberg, Ger. Jan. 46."

An exterior view shows the former Schutzstaffel (SS) barracks at Bamberg.On verso: "Where I work SS Casserne at Bamberg, Ger. Oct. 45."

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