Black-Abbot Family Collection


Black-Abbot Family Collection


Abbot, Helene Black, 1883-1965
Abbot, Stephen, 1878-1961
Abbot, William, 1845-1919
Abbot, Elise Burghalter, 1847-1919
Black, John C., 1839-1915
Griggs, Clark Robinson
Abbot, Henry W., 1883-1865
Cole, Elise Abbot, 1873-1949


The Black-Abbot Family Collection contains images of several members of the Black and Abbot Families stemming from Helene Black Abbot and her husband, Stephen. Helene Black Abbot was the daughter of Adaline Griggs Black and John C. Black and the granddaughter of Clark Robinson Griggs, mayor of Urbana and a member of the Illinois House of Representatives.

Stephen Abbot was the son of William and Elise Burghalter Abbot and grandson of Stephen and Martha Gutterson Abbot. Stephen Abbot's brother and sister, Henry W. Abbot and Elise Abbot Cole also appear in this collection.

The finding aid for the Black-Abbot Families Papers, 1805-1972 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum may be found at

Images in this collection include several individual portraits of Black and Abbot family members.

Items in the Black-Abbot Family Collection Collection

Elise Burghalter Abbot, a German immigrant and wife of William Abbot, sits for a portrait.

Siblings Elise Abbot, Henry Abbot, and Stephen Abbot pose for a portait.

Henry Abbot sits for a portrait at age seventeen wearing a dark suit.

Martha M. Gutterson Abbot sits for a portrait wearing a blouse with a white collar. On verso: "Martha M. Gutterson. Born in Andover, Mass. Nov 6" 1805. Married in Milford, N. H. Dec. 2" 1834. to Stephen Abbot. Died in Hillsboro, Ills. July 7th 1861."

Stephen Abbot, father of William Abbot and grandfather of Stephen Abbot, sits for a portrait wearing a suit, bow tie, and scarf. On verso: "Stephen Abbot. Born in Milford, N. H. Nov. 22' 1797. Married in Milford, N. H. Dec. 2' 1834. Died in…

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