Louise and Barry Taper Collection


Louise and Barry Taper Collection


Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Lincoln, Mary Todd, 1818-1882
American Civil War (1861-1865)
Court records


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Louise Taper amassed the largest private collection of Lincolniana in more than a half-century, highlighted by 1 of 3 stovepipe hats known to have belonged to Lincoln; the earliest of his boyhood sumbook pages, ca. 1824-1826; and more than 100 letters or notes in the hands of Abraham or Mary Lincoln. Also among the 1,500 items in the collection are manuscripts by friends and contemporaries, personally owned books and clothing or other accoutrements, prints, broadsides, newspapers, artworks, period photographs, and assassination-related materials.


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The engraved portrait, signed and inscribed in pencil A. Lincoln with additional ink inscription: "To W.M. Kasson/Feby 18th 1861" written on a small slip attached to the bottom of the image is enclosed in a contemporary gutta-percha decorative hinged…

Colonel Abraham Lincoln's account for materials used and service rendered during his service as a Sublieutenant in the Revolutionary War from 10 April 1777 to 23 January 1778. He endorses a receipt for payment to his account in full by Jacob Morgan.…

Indenture of Isaac Lincoln to Stephen Huges by which Lincoln and another individual agree to pay 960 pounds in settlement of a legal case.

Indenture of Abraham Lincoln to William Crow and others for three pounds. Lincoln signs as a witness. The document places Colonel Lincoln's death date past 1784.

Mordecai Lincoln affixes his signature to this surety bond assuring that Lincoln will duly pay the constables under his jurisdiction.

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